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i-Space: Online Training Resources

Consisting of the Digital Makerspace, Digital Visualisation Room and Studios

The Library i-Space aims at providing easy-to-use digital equipment for students to construct knowledge proactively through hands-on learning experience.  Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the i-Space has created self-learning videos and recorded i-Space webinars and hands-on workshops.  You can follow these online self-learning resources to learn the emerging technologies and build your own prototypes.

Use of Vinyl Cutter at Digital Makerspace

1. How to operate a Vinyl Cutter?


This self-learning video, How to operate a vinyl cutter, is a companion learning resource for the Vinyl cutter DIY manual. You have to download the manual here (PolyU/CPCE staff and students only) to read the information which are not fully covered in this video. Using cutting paper stickers as an example, you will learn how to operate the vinyl cutter at the Library's i-Space.

2. How to create full colour stickers with Vinyl Cutter?

Creating Full Colour Stickers with Vinyl Cutter

This self-learning video, Creating Full Colour Stickers with Vinyl Cutter, is a beginner guide for students who want to make colour printed stickers with the Vinyl Cutter in Digital Makerspace. You will learn about:

-  How a vinyl cutter helps you to produce stickers

-  The steps to use Adobe Illustrator to create stickers from sample graphics and images provided

-  The Vinyl Cutting Service at the Library's i-Space

Please download learning material here (PolyU/CPCE staff and students only).

Operating vinyl cutter on your own?

We encourage students to learn how to use the vinyl cutter. If you are interested, please read the Vinyl cutter DIY manual and watch the companion learning video How to create full colour stickers with Vinyl Cutter?.

Internet of Things (IoT) - Controlling LED with Blynk



Some IoT controllers are capable to serve as a web server, and able to communicate with other electronic devices within a private network.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to use a mobile phone or computer to control an IoT controller
  • How to set up a network service on an IoT controller

The detailed procedure is available for download (PolyU staff and students only). You can try out and build your own IoT controller.







VR Interaction in Unity (Beginner / Advanced)



Beginner Level

Advanced Level

In these workshops, you will learn:

  • Navigating the Unity application
  • Creating basic 3D objects and positioning them in the scene
  • Manipulating and moving 3D objects via script

Please follow the instruction here to install Unity.

The detailed procedure is available for download (Beginner Level / Advanced Level) (PolyU staff and students only). You can try out and make your own Unity application. 

3D Modeling in SketchUp (Beginner / Advanced)



Beginner Level

Advanced Level

In these workshops, you will learn:

  • Using SketchUp Free to create 3D model
  • Adding colours and textures to customize model
  • Applying useful shortcut, command and tips for repeated actions

Please register an account here for using SketchUp Free.


Internet of Things (IOT), and its Sensor Simulation over Cloud Platform



Powerful Feature in cloud platform - Adafruit IO Cloud

The API that drives user interface is available. The data can be stored, managed, controlled, and downloaded anytime. Charts, graphs, gauges, logging, and more features are available from anywhere in this designed web-based dashboard. Trigger function can monitor your data and notify you when your temperature sensor gets too hot or when your DIY security system goes offline.  Come and Join this webinar recoding if you are interested to build your own IoT project.

About the speaker:

Silas Hung is a professional electronic engineer for 25 years. He specializes in electronic engineering, material analysis and photonics analysis. He founded Cloud-LED lighting technology limited in recent years. He has published over 20 academic articles mainly on the application of nanomagnetic structures. In addition, he designed “Smart Home” teaching courses and electronic educational kit for schools, hoping that the new generation will still love technology and engineering.

Student Maker Forum: Internet of Things(IoT) - Smart Home Prototype



In this webinar, Declan Leung, a student from the Department of Computing will share how he designs the tailor-made application on Internet of Things (IoT): Smart Home Prototype. The prototype of the smart home consists of a series of IoT controllers and smart sensors. An IoT controller can automatically turn on or off electronic appliances such as air-conditioner, based on the temperature collected by environmental sensors.

He has not only learned the essentials of being a professional programmer as “smart home” requires the connection between data networking and home appliance devices, but he has also taken a leading role in his IoT team project.

About the speaker:

Declan Leung, a 4th year undergraduate student from the Department of Computing and pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Enterprise Information Systems. He has a strong interest in IoT, and participated in variuos workshops and student projects of MakerMindset Programme@i-Space.

Internet of Things (IoT) - Real Time Weather Monitoring Station



An Internet-of-Thing (IoT) component can be configured to collect real-time environmental data.  This workshop will teach you how to make a small scale weather monitoring station by integrating ESP8266 board with a temperature and humidity sensor. You could monitor the real-time and historical environmental data remotely over the cloud platform.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to do basic programming on ESP8266 board to control device's input and output
  • How to generate data from IoT devices to aggregate and process data in Cloud service

The detailed procedure and source files are available for download (PolyU staff and students only). You can try out and build your own IoT controller.