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PolyU Library

i-Space: Student Maker Projects

Consisting of the Digital Makerspace, Digital Visualisation Room, One Button Studio, Digital Studio and Digital Creativity Workstations

Archival of Student Projects

3D Modelling and VR Tour of a Green Park 

The student used 3D modeling software to create a virtual landscape of the Green Park and its 3D objects including plants, fountain, bench, direction board and buildings.                                                                                                                   

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Real Time Weather Monitoring Station

The student used an Arduino IDE program to set up a small scale weather monitoring station which indicate the real-time and historical environmental data over the IoT platform ThingsBoard.


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Internet of Things: Smart Home Prototype

The student designed the tailor-made application on Internet of Things (IoT): Smart Home Prototype. The prototype of the smart home consists of a series of IoT controllers and smart sensors.

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3D Modelling and Virtual Reality Tour of the Library’s i-Space 

The student used 3DS MAX 3D modeling software to create a virtual space of i-Space and its 3D objects bit by bit including furniture, plants, laser printers, 3D printers and PCs video wall.

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Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
Internet of Things: Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

The student built a touchless auto dispenser for hand sanitiser with simple IoT components and 3D printing.


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