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PolyU Library

i-Space: 3D Scanner

Consisting of the Digital Makerspace, Digital Visualisation Room, One Button Studio, Digital Studio and Digital Creativity Workstations

3D Scanning

3D scanning refers to the process of creating a 3D model by analyzing the shape and appearance of a physical object. Rather than building a 3D model from scratch, 3D scanners allow you to generate a 3D model by capturing geometric "picture" of the surface of an object. You can then 'replicate' the object by printing out the model in 3D.

Below are some resources for you to know more about 3D scanning.  Try this out in our Digital Makespace!

3D Scanning Facilities & Software

There are two commonly used 3D scanning techniques to build up a 3D model, which are photogrammetry and depth sensor based 3D scanning (or mostly referred as 3D scanning). Photogrammetry refers to creating 3D models and textures from 2D photos (taken by regular cameras) and it requires a photogrammetry software to process the images. 3D scanner uses lasers to scan around the object and then build the 3D model with its built-in image processing software.

3D Scanning Facilities @ Digital Makespace

Two types of 3D scanners are available in the Digitial Makespace. Learn how to play with them from our colleagues and then try to scan something in 3D on your own!

Structure Sensor 3D Scanner (Structure Sensor + iPad)
Matter and Form 3D Scanner


Photogrammetry Software

Photogrammetry software is often used in areas that require scanning in large scale, e.g. architecture, geological surveying, and film production. Here are some tools that will help reconstruct 3D models from photos.

How to scan & print sth in 3D?

3D Scanning Service


Digital Makerspace, iSpace, 4/F North Wing, Library

Consultation session
for the first time users to learn how to operate the scanners

Two sessions at 10:00 am and 2:30 pm
Mon - Fri (except public holidays)


3D Scanning Tutorials & Tips