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i-Space: Student Project - 3D Modelling and VR Tour of HKTC

Consisting of the Digital Makerspace, Digital Visualisation Room and Studios

3D Modelling and VR Tour of HKTC

The campus development of the PolyU in Hung Hom can be traced back to the opening of new premises of the Hong Kong Technical College (HKTC), the former institution’s name, in 1957.  With a phased programme of demolition and construction, the site has further developed into the current PolyU campus.

HKTC campus aerial view ~1967

HKTC key plan 1957

The students used 3D modelling software to recreate the HKTC campus through Virtual Reality (VR) technology.  

This project has three components, including the Overview Video, Virtual Tour, and Free Exploration.  

1. The Overview Video provides brief campus development. You can access the video here.

2. In the Virtual Tour, users can interact with UI elements in the scene and with a booklet in their right hands to view the highlight photos and historical stories.  Users can also press the trigger buttons to take a closer look at a highlighted building and rotate it to view it from a different perspective. You can try it out in VR Experience Zone by booking.

Visit the highlighted building one by one
to learn more about their history.

Take a closer look at a highlighted building

3. The third part of the project is the Free Exploration, in which users can choose to walk or fly around the campus to have a first-person experience, bringing the HKTC campus back to life in the VR or Web environment.

Walk around the campus
in VR environment

Fly over the campus by drone
in VR environment

You can access the pre-released web version here.

Basic control: press the ASWD buttons or arrow keys to move around and use the mouse to change the viewing angle.


TSOI Tsz Kin, Jimmy Department of Health Technology and Informatics
WONG Ching Yeung, Anthony Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
CHUK Man Him, Andy Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics


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Nov 2022