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PolyU Library

i-Space: Internet of Things (IoT)

Consisting of the Digital Makerspace, Digital Visualisation Room, One Button Studio, Digital Studio and Digital Creativity Workstations

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the networked interconnection devices (often equipped with ubiquitous intelligence) that capture data of everyday objects. All our appliances, alarm clocks, lighting, etc. can be connected to the Internet via IoT devices. As the connections grow, devices will exchange information automatically, coordinating actions without human intervention. The future of IoT may change industries and the way we live.

Try to explore the power of IoT at our Digital Makerspace!

IoT Facilities & Software

There are two commonly used toolkit to build IoT projects: Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Raspberry Pi can be seen as a single-board computer, usually with a Linux OS, and can run multiple programs. Arduino is a microcontroller mainboard, which can run one program at a time. Both can be connected with sensors, LEDs, motors, etc. to perform various tasks. 

IoT Facilities @ Digital Makerspace

The following equipment and toolkit are available in our Digital Makerspace. You can borrow them from our Technical Support Desk at 4/F. 


Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Development Kit

Arduino Uno

Arduino Development Kit

M5GO : IoT Starter Kit

Sensors & Tools:

A variety of sensors

A handful of tools

Electronic components

Software to program IoT devices

Raspberry Pi and Arduino both have their own open-source programming software to run the IoT projects. 

Raspberry Pi


Image result for raspberrypi

Using Raspbian, a Debian-based Linux operating system, Raspberry Pi Desktop (for PC and Mac), or other third party OS to operate the Raspberry Pi.

Arduino provides a C-like language for programming Arduino boards. You will be using the Arduino IDE for writing code and uploading it to an Arduino board.

Internal Wi-Fi access for IoT: an independent Wi-Fi is available for IoT projects at our Digital Makerspace. Reach our helpful staff at the Technical Support Desk on 4/F for details.


IoT web sites:

IFTTT is the free way to get all your apps and devices talking to each other.

ThingSpeak is open IoT platform with MATLAB analytics.

Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform.

Internet Resources

As the use of IoT increases, there are many resources out there to help you find ideas and information about IoT. We have pulled together some websites that would be good starting points to generate ideas to solve real life issues: 

What IoT can do for you?

IoT Service


Digital Makerspace, iSpace, 4/F North Wing, Library

Equipment Loan Services

Mon - Fri (except public holidays) 
at Technical Support Desk on 4/F

*The service will be closed one hour before Library closes.

Eligible Users

PolyU students and staff

What is IoT

IoT Books