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i-Space: Student Project - Medication Reminder Smart Watch for the Elderly

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Medication Reminder Smart Watch for the Elderly

Medication Reminder Smart Watch for the Elderly

By applying Internet-of-Things (IoT), the student incorporated a medication reminder in a smart watch, for the elderly to receive timely reminders on their medication with M5Stack device and the Blynk mobile application. Once the elderly follows suit, a record of their medical adherence will be automatically saved to Google Sheets by pressing the button on the watch. The Medication Reminder Smart Watch ensures that the medication prescribed by doctors is taken at the correct times of the day and in the correct dosages, equipped with a monitoring system that helps keep them on track. 


IoT Server Platform

Open Source IoT Platform - Blynk

IoT Controller (Available to borrow)

M5Stick C


Procedures (PDF/Webpage) and Source Code (Arduino IDE code)

Blynk Installation Guide

Blynk Library for Arduino IDE Setup Guide

Simple UI for medication schedule insertion and the pills taken record

Light notification of medication reminder

Place the M5Stack device with strap and wear it as a smart watch

Medication record will be saved to Google Sheets when pressing the button on the watch


Kemp Isabel Madeleine

Department of Computing

(November 2021)