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i-Space: 360º Camera

Consisting of the Digital Makerspace, Digital Visualisation Room and Studios

360º Photos & Videos

360° camera is a type of camera which has 360 degrees field of view so that it captures all the scenery around it in one shot. The resulting 360° photo or video provides you an immersive view of the captured scene. Apart from the well-known Google’s Street View, this technology is now prevalently applied in walk through tours of real estate, virtual exhibitions and online live performances.

Below is the 360° camera available at i-Space for you to use. We also provide a virtual tour authoring software with which you can create a virtual tour like ours.

360° Camera

Insta360 ONE X2 is a pocket-sized, easy-to-use 360° camera. You can shoot directly with the camera or remotely with a mobile app. The app comes with AI video editing function which allows you to edit videos with stunning visual effects in minutes. Borrow one from us and try it out!

Insta360 ONE X2

Virtual Tour Authoring Software

Apart from walk through tours, a wide range of interactive experience such as virtual museum, e-learning / e-training and even video game can be created.

Introduction of 3DVista Virtual Tour

360° Camera Service

Insta360 ONE X2 - Loan & Return


Self-service Kiosk, i-Space, 4/F North Wing, Library

3DVista Virtual Tour Pro


Multimedia Production Studio, i-Space, 3/F North Wing, Library

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