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i-Space: Student Project - Smart Home Prototype

Consisting of the Digital Makerspace, Digital Visualisation Room and Studios

Internet of Things: Smart Home Prototype

Why Internet of Things (IoT) for a Smart Home?
With the advancement of technologies, we are now a lot easier to access the internet with different electronic widgets compared to the past decades. IoT technology is developed to make use of the vast usage of internet so as to create an environment for centralized control. Let’s look into the case of our home. When we feel that a room is dim, we have to switch on a light. Similarly, we are required to turn on a TV with a remote. “How about making a controller panel that can turn on all electronic appliances in our home?” One of the solutions of this question is making our home smarter with IoT.

To learn more about our IoT Smart Home Prototype, please pay a visit to the Smart Home model in the Digital Visualisation Room, 4/F, i-Space.


Components in the IoT Smart Home

IoT Server Platform

Open Source IoT Platform - ThingsBoard

IoT Controller (Available to borrow)

Arduino UNO

M5Core Controller (ESP32)

ESP32 Development Board

Smart Components

Smart air-conditioner support constant temperature settings

Smart door lock with alert system

Smart light system

Automatic irrigation system (Coming soon!)

Sound metric heat map (Coming soon!)

Smart components can be monitored and controlled via the a dashboard on the IoT Server Platform:

Historical data will be visualized with different widgets:


Team member

Leung Chun Hin, Declan Department of Computing
Ng Man Sing, Sam Department of Electrical Engineering
Tsang Ho Fung, Timmy Department of Building and Real Estate
Li Shuk Wun, Sharon School of Design

(November 2019)