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i-Space: Student Project - VR Training for Laser Cutter Operation

Consisting of the Digital Makerspace, Digital Visualisation Room and Studios

VR Training for Laser Cutter Operation

The student used the 3D software Blender to build a detailed model of our actual laser cutter in the Digital Makerspace and programmed the interactivity in the game engine Unity. All essential component parts of the laser cutter (including the control panel, door, emergency stop button, etc.) are interactive. A computer with a simplified laser cut software interface was also built to simulate the software operation. Interactions (primarily on / off) with all other peripheral equipment, such as ventilation system, air compressor and earmuffs, are triggered through button-click in an on-screen menu.

The application has simulated the operational procedures and corresponding reactions of the real laser cutter as close as necessary. Staff members who are newly trained but not yet proficient with laser cutting can practice safely in an immersive environment enabled by virtual reality (VR) technology. It has been used for internal training since December 2023. You can watch a demo video here.

Wireframe model of laser cutter

Interact with a magnified control panel mirroring the control panel on laser cutter

Computer with a simplified laser cut software interface

On-screen menu for interacting with peripheral equipment & miscellaneous scene objects

Interacting with scene objects in VR environment

Laser cut in action


TSOI Tsz Kin, Jimmy

Department of Health Technology and Informatics

(Dec 2023)