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Your starting point for research and study in the area of hotel and tourism management.

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Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) allows you to discover open access, free download academic books for at ease.


Other Book Discovery Tools

A global catalog of library collection which helps you to find what you want in a library near you.

Searches the full text of books and magazines that Google has scanned.

When to use HKALL & ILL

Find Books

You can find e-books from OneSearch with the steps below:

  1. Conduct a search in OneSearch. 

  2. Show results with e-books only by clicking on the filters of Books and Full Text Online from the sidebar.
  3. Access the full-text online via the link provided. Login with your NetID and NetPassword if you are accessing off-campus. To learn how to read e-books, see tips here.
  4. Limit the range of publication date here if you wish.

To find e-books by platforms, click here.

You can find print books from OneSearch with the steps below:

  1. Conduct a search in OneSearch.

  2. Show results with print books only by clicking on the filters of Books and Physical items.
  3. Click on the link to check the loan policy and availability. You can request a book if it is currently on loan.
  4. Check the book location by clicking on LOCATION. You can then pick up the book from the shelves with the call number provided.
  5. Limit the range of publication date here if you wish.

You can also borrow a print book from other UGC libraries via HKALL. Learn more from here.

If a print book is currently on loan, you can request the book (which means placing a hold to reserve the book) with the steps below:

  1. Sign in with your NetID and NetPassword.
  2. Click on Request.

  3. Click on REQUEST again to confirm. The message of Request placed will be shown. You will then receive a pick-up notice later when the requested item is available.


Notes: You can only request items that are on loan. Item available on the bookshelves is not requestable.

Alternatively, you can try to borrow the unavailable book from HKALLLearn more from here.

HKALL is a shared platform by 8 UGC-funded university libraries in Hong Kong. Eligible users can request a book from other libraries if PolyU does not have that title, or when the copy in PolyU is not available. The book will then be delivered to our Library in about 2-4 days for pick-up. 

To request a print book via HKALL, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in with your NetID and Net Password. 
    (To borrow a book that is not in our collection, click on this link and then make a search)

  3. You will see "Item Available for Request" if the book is available in another UGC-funded library. Click on the SEND REQUEST to submit a request. The message of Request placed will be shown.

    If you cannot click on this button, it means that the book cannot be requested via HKALL for either of the following reasons:
    1. The print book is currently available in PolyU. You cannot request an available item in our collection via HKALL. 
    2. The print book is currently unavailable in other UGC-funded libraries.
    3. The available print book in other UGC-funded libraries is limited to their own users only. You may still access the book via your JULAC Library Card.
    4. The item you would like to request is not a print book. Please note that you cannot request ebooks or other e-resources via HKALL.
  4. You will receive a notification email to pick-up the book from our Loan and Return counter, normally within 2-3 working days. You can always check the progress of item(s) requested from HKALL via MyRecord if you wish.

Each physical item is labeled with a call number, which contains both letters and numbers representing the source's location in the library, e.g., TX911 .V33 2019. Books on the same subject will be placed in the same range on bookshelves. When you search a print book through OneSearch, you will get a call number, which tells you where you can find the book.

Call numbers can be divided into 4 rows:

  • The first row is simply sorted in alphabetical order.
  • The second row is sorted in numerical order.
  • The third row consists of a character and a set of numbers.
    The character is sorted in alphabetical order; The set of number is sorted as decimal numbers.
  • The last row represents the publication year, which is simply sorted by the year.

Below are some examples of the rules mentioned above:

Call number ranges for SHTM subjects:

For books in Book Collection:

  • G154.9-155.8     Travel and Tourism (5/F)
  • TP548                Wine Tasting (G/F)
  • TX642-840         Cookery (G/F)
  • TX851-885         Dining-room service (G/F)
  • TX901-946.5      Hospitality industry (G/F)

 For books from other locations:

  • Reserve Collection: P/F (right next to Loan and Return counter)
  • Reference Collection
    • Call No. HM - Z: 3/F
    • Call No. A - HJ: G/F
  • Remote Store: Available by filling the online request form.

Notes: Large books which cannot be accommodated on the normal shelves are kept at the end of the collection in each wing. The word [QRT] beside the call number indicates large book. E.g. [QRT] TX911 .A84 1995 is shelved after books with class nos. T to Z on Ground Floor North Wing.


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