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The PolyU Institutional Research Archive (PIRA) is an online platform that actively collects and disseminates the research and scholarly outputs created by the PolyU community. 

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Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is an online directory providing access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals.

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Find Journal Articles

There are three good ways to find articles:

  • Google Scholar is desirable when you have an article title to look for, but it brings too many irrelevant results when searching by keywords.
  • OneSearch is a one-stop library resources search engine. You may find a lot of scholarly materials here. You can also find information that the library has already paid the subscription fee for you and many are not directly available through Google search. 
  • Database
    • Journal articles - If you have a concrete subject to research. A database can be a collection of journals, which each is a collection of articles. Some databases focus on specific subject areas, e.g. Hospitality and Tourism Complete covers scholarly articles on research and industry news relating to hospitality and tourism areas. 
    • Statistics & Data - You can find from databases instead of OneSearch, find out more details here.

Find more tips on searching journal articles via OneSearch, Google Scholar@PolyU and Databases below:

You can search for scholarly articles in OneSearch as well. You may search by keywords or title of the article. 

Watch this video to learn how to find and access articles in OneSearch:

You may also refer to the steps below:

  1. Visit Library homepage. Type in your keywords or title of the article and hit the search button. (You may also switch to "Articles" tab which will limit your search to articles only)
  2. Limit results to "Articles" under Resource Type on the right panel of the page. You may further refine results to "Peer-reviewed journals", or "Creation date" (Publication date).
  3. Click on the article title to see more information about the article.
  4. Click "Download PDF" to directly download the full text PDF, or visit other options under "View It Online" to read the article online. 

To search articles in Google Scholar, we suggest that you access Google Scholar via the Library homepage, especially when you are out of campus. By doing this you will be able to directly access the full text of the articles (we subscribed to) through PolyU eLinks.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Library homepage, switch to "Articles" and then click on Google Scholar@PolyU. Sign in with your NetID and NetPassword if you are out of campus.
  2. Conduct a search in Google Scholar. The article within our collection will be provided with the "PolyU eLinks" option. Click to get the full text PDF for free.

Google Scholar setting - link with PolyU Library

You may also change the setting in your Google Scholar to link it up with Library subscribed databases. This is identical to clicking on Google Scholar@PolyU via Library homepage.

You can find a list of databases in Tourism & Hospitality Management from the pull-down menu under the Databases tab:

Article Databases

Citation Databases

Citation Database does not provide full-text articles, but they are very helpful for exploring related articles by looking at citing articles (who cited the article) and references (who have been cited by the article).

If you do not have an idea which databases or journals should go for, you may start with Scopus and Web of Science which are the two largest multidisciplinary citation databases:

What you need is not available in our collection? No worries, try interlibrary loan(ILL)! Follow the steps in our ILL library guide to get access to materials beyond the PolyU Library collection.

Recommended Journals