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Find News & Newspapers

A guide to introduce news and newspapers resources

Why News Matters

News or newspaper articles intend to describe an event, providing facts about what happened and who was involved. They are written by reporters and journalists and are for the general public to acquire the latest information on events.

Newspapers can also be a great source for conducting primary research. For example, you are working on a recent local issue with very little research done so far. News and newspapers can then offer you first-hand information to support your arguments and analysis. 

Where to Find News & Newspapers

Library provides both current popular newspapers and historical newspapers, covering local, national, and international news, in both print and e-format. Explore the sources below and find more! 

Library also provides print newspapers, such as 明報, 經濟日報, Financial Times.

  • Current issues of the newspapers are located at Current Awareness Centre (P/F). Check full list of available newspapers here.
  • Back issues are available on G/F North Wing (in Group Study Zone 1). 

Current Awareness Centre on P/F