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Conduct a Literature Review

A guide to walk you through the process of doing a literature review

Get Full-Text via OneSearch

OneSearch is the Library's discovery tool to help you find resources and access their full-text content. If you cannot get full-text from elsewhere, you can always check on OneSearch and see if it is available through Library's subscription. 

Access Articles

There are a few ways to access full-text after you found an article in OneSearch. 

Note: To view the full text of the article, you will be prompted to login with your NetID and NetPassword, especially for off-campus access.


Take this article on OneSearch as an example.

Access PDF from OneSearch

 Download PDF directly

 View the article within the journal on BrowZine platform. This allows you to view other articles in the same volume/issue of the journal.

 View the article from publisher's site. This allows you to view other related articles recommended by the journal.

   Directly download article in PDF:
Download PDF directly

   View article within the journal on BrowZine platform:
Access PDF from BrowZine

   View article from publisher's site:
Access PDF from publisher site

Access E-Books

The way to access an e-book can be different depending on the platform the book is located. Some platforms allow you to download the whole book in PDF with one click, while some allow downloading a limited number of pages per day due to copyright restrictions.

Note: To view the full text of the book, you will be prompted to login with your NetID and NetPassword, especially for off-campus access.


Here are a few commonly seen examples from e-book databases:

⦿ Full book download allowed. Usually, books directly offered by publishers offer full book or chapter download options.

⦿ Limited no. of pages download per day. Two major e-book providers - ProQuest and EBSCOhost- offer this option. Note that some popular books may only allow online reading. There is no limitation if you read the book online

Other than downloading a limited no. of pages to PDF, you may also "Borrow" the whole book for a specified no. of days and read it offline after installing the Adobe Digital Editions app.

Access E-book from Ebscohost

(Link to this book on OneSearch)

⦿ PDF full download is not available. Usually, textbook providers offer this option. 

You can check out the books and read them online for a specified no. of hours.

Access e-books from VitalSource

(Link to this book on OneSearch)

Some books may allow downloading a number of pages to PDF with watermarks. 

Access e-books from VitalSource


Access E-Journals

Library has subscribed to over 170k scholarly journals and 99.5% of them are in e-format. Visit Journal Search to find and access the journals available through the Library. You may also use BrowZine which allows easy browsing, reading and following journals on both desktop and mobile devices.

Journal Search BrowZine
Access E-Journals through Journals A-Z

Access Library Databases

Other than accessing articles, books, etc. from OneSearch, you can also go to a database to find specific types of materials. Check the list of databases that offer specific types of resources: