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PolyU Library

OneSearch Discovery Platform

What is myRecord?

MyRecord allows you to view all your loans and requested items, including those borrowed via HKALL or your JULAC Library Card. You can also renew the borrowed item(s) here.

How to use myRecord?

  1. Visit the Library homepage, click on ​.
  2. Select your user type and login.
  3. Sign in with your NetID and NetPassword.
  4. In myRecord, you are able to view:
  • Loans
    • View your current loans & reading history
    • Renew your checked-out items
  • Requests
    • Check the status & progress of your requests
  • Fine + Fees
    • View the outstanding fines & fees in your account
  • Blocks + Messages
  • User Privileges

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How do I pay overdue fines via online payment?

Library users can make online payment and settle your overdue fines by your credit card.  Please follow the simple steps below:

1.    Login MyRecord at the Library homepage

2.    Click on the “Pay” button under the “Fine+fees” tab.
3.    Your overdue fines information will be shown on the Library Online Payment Service page.  Then, read and follow simple instructions to start the payment.

4.    Select the fines you need to settle by credit card, then click “Next” to go to the next step.

5.    A verification page will be shown to confirm your selections.  If the information is correct, click “Continue” to proceed, or click “Start Over” to re-select the overdue fines.

6.    On the next screen, click “Confirm” to start the credit card payment process.


7.    Then, fill in card information and click “Pay Now” to pay the fines.


8.    A confirmation email will be sent to you after successful online payment.