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OneSearch Discovery Platform

What is Advanced Search?

Advanced Search is a useful tool for specialized and focused search. It allows limiting search results by multiple key phrases, specified search scope, material types, etc.

Let’s start using Advanced Search by clicking “Advanced Search” on the right-hand side of the search bar.

How to use Advanced Search?

Advanced Search allows you to use different operators to combine multiple keywords.


AND Combining your keywords with "AND" to retrieve results that contain both keywords.

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OR "OR" operator allows you to search for results that contains at least one of the terms.

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NOT You may exclude unwanted term from your search results by using "NOT" operator.

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Phrase Search, Truncation & Wildcard


Phrase Search

Grouping your search items by Phrase Search "   " to search for an exact phrase.

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Truncation * allows you to search for results that contain words from the same root.

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You may use Wildcard ? to represent zero or single character in search terms.

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Advanced Search allows you to specify your search by different search types.


Search for results that contain all search terms, but the words can be in different orders.

Is (exact)

Search for results that contain the search phase in a specific order.

Starts with

Search for results that start with the search phase.