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PolyU Library

OneSearch Discovery Platform

OneSearch Discovery Platform

1. What are the key features of OneSearch?

2. Why is it important to sign in with your NetID before searching?

3. What if I do not have a NetID?

4. Will the classic catalogue be still available?

5. Is the loans list in Reading History saved by default?

6. Can I search for everything that are available in the databases subscribed by the library?

7. Where is the “Remote Store Collection”?

8. How can I know the location of books that I searched for?

Borrowing / Returns / Renewals

1. How do we know if a book is being catalogued?

2. How can user request an item that is in the stage of processing?

3. Can user renew a book on or after the due date?

4. Why I cannot renew my books online?

5. Where do I pick up my requested items?