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Guides & Tutorial, Pao-yue Kong Library, The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong

OneSearch Discovery Platform -- Quick Tips

Simple Search

A1. Search Scope

  • All
  • Books & Media +: Books, EBooks, EJournals, Reference Materials, Theses, Audio Visual Materials, PIRA (PolyU IRA) …
  • Articles
  • … and more

A2. Search Techniques

  • Boolean Operators OR & NOT must be in capital letters. In OneSearch, AND is implied. It automatically puts an AND between search terms.
  • Use quotation marks “ ” to enclose search terms for an exact match
  • Put an asterisk * at the end of a word to find word variants
  • Use parentheses ( ) to group terms

       Search example: (america* OR europ*) “folk music”