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[Library Workshops] Handouts and Recordings

This guide consolidates PPT slides, recordings and related information of completed workshops.

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Each semester, the Library will arrange interactive workshops via face-to-face and online modes for students and staff to acquire knowledge on various topics. You can browse completed workshops by Themes.

Subject-specific ResearchSkills for Academic SuccessDatabases TrainingsResearch Analytical ToolsPublishing SupportAll Workshop Materials

Specialized Workshops for Subject-specific Research Information

These library workshops conducted by Librarians aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills specific to your disciplines that is crucial to progress academically and professionally in your chosen field. 

Code Topic Handout Recording Date
Mastering Techniques in Searching Business and Financial DatabasesThis webinar will demonstrate how to locate critical information to support business research: country forecast, industry and market outlook, company profile, brokerage report, news and journal article.

Databases covered in this workshop includes:
▪  Economist Intelligence Unit
▪  Passport
▪  Bloomberg Professional Services
▪  Factiva
▪  Business Source Complete
Download View 2 Nov 2023
Resources for China StudiesThe Library has subscribed to databases to support learning and research in China studies.

This webinar will introduce some subject-related databases and how you can make good use of them to locate relevant information to support your research.

Key databases covered in this webinar include:
▪  China Academic Journal Network Publishing Database (中國學術期刊網絡版)
▪  Duxiu Academic Search (讀秀中文學術搜索)
▪  Chinese Classic Ancient Books (中國基本古籍庫)
▪  CEIC China Database
▪  InfoBank China (中國資訊行)

Users will also understand the different types of information available on databases and how these will help in their research.
Download View 29 Sep 2020
Specialized Workshop for Health Science SubjectsIf you are studying, researching, or teaching Health Sciences subjects, you must not miss this specialised webinar.

We will enable you to search across various health sciences databases effectively, and will share some practical searching tips as well.

Databases covered in this workshop include:

▪  PubMed
▪  EMbase
▪  PsycINFO
▪  Cochrane Library
Download View 5 Oct 2023
Searching Specialized Databases in Biology and Chemistry This workshop focuses on a few databases especially useful for biology and chemistry research.

Users will understand the different types of scientific information available in these databases. Users will also have a chance to try these databases during this workshop.

▪  ProQuest Biological Science Collection
▪  SciFinder
▪  ACS Publications
▪  RSC Journal and eBooks collection
Download -- 10 Oct 2018
Databases for Hotel, Tourism, and Events ManagementThis workshop will demonstrate how to locate critical information to support research in Hotel and Tourism management such as consumer reports, industry outlook, statistics and journal articles.

Databases covered in this workshop include:
▪  Hong Kong Tourism Board PartnerNet
▪  Passport
▪  Statista
▪  UNWTO eLibrary
▪  CEIC China Database
▪  Dissertations and Theses
▪  Others

It will be useful to read the Library guide for SHTM students before the session: Tourism & Hospitality Management: Find Data & Statistics
Download View 4 Oct 2021
Specialized Workshop for Fashion Marketing and Textiles ResearchStudies and research in fashion marketing, retailing and textiles research can cut across different disciplines and this webinar will cover the different databases to allow you to locate critical information to support your research and studies.

Databases covered in this webinar include:
▪  Berg Fashion Library
▪  Passport
▪  Statista
▪  ScienceDirect
Download View 23 Sep 2020
Specialised Workshop for Humanities and Social SciencesThis workshop will cover useful tips and equip students with essential information skills to locate scholarly and popular sources for humanities and social science.

Participants will learn how to find quick references from OneSearch, develope research ideas and gather subject-specific information efficiently by using relevant multidisciplinary databases and subject related databases, such as Scopus, Web of Science, CNKI, JSTOR, Factiva, Statista.
Download View 8 Sep 2022

Workshops about Essential Skills for Academic and Research Success 

These library workshops conducted by Librarians aim to share with you the useful skills and tools for assignment and research. 

Code Topic Handout Recording Date
Online Tools for Assignments*This workshop will introduce some online tools that can help students preparing their assignments, such as:

▪  Online References (e.g. Credo Reference, Encyclopaedia Britannica Online)
▪  Statistics (e.g. Statista, Passport)
▪  Data Tools (e.g. Open Refine, Tableau Public)
▪  Writing Adds (e.g. Just-the-word; Academic Phrasebank)
▪  Citation tools & Plagiarism Checkers (e.g. Citation Style Referencing Guide; zoterobib)
Download -- 30 Oct 2019
Library Resources and Services for Postgraduate Students**This workshop aims at helping postgraduate students utilize library resources and services available in and beyond PolyU Library. Topics include:

▪  Search and request books and articles available in and beyond the PolyU Library
▪  Identify electronic resources for research purposes, set up alerts on relevant topics
▪  Find dissertations and theses
▪  Demonstrate use of Reference Management Tools (e.g. EndNote) to better manage readings and references used during research
▪  Introduction to researcher profiles like ORCID

Various search techniques focusing on your topics will also be discussed.
Download -- 6 Nov 2019
Citing References and Avoiding PlagiarismWhat constitutes plagiarism? Would it still be plagiarism if you have cited your references correctly?

Join us to find out more about what constitutes plagiarism, learn some techniques to avoid plagiarism, and the concepts of reference types and citation styles.

Instructor will demonstrate basic features of EndNote to help you better organize your references to make citing easier.

Some commonly used plagiarism detection tools will also be introduced.

You may read the library guide before the workshop: Library Support for Academic Integrity.
Download View 12 Oct 2023
Library Resources for CAR SubjectsWhat information sources should you use for your CAR assignments? How do you cite them?

Co-organized with SAO, this workshop will help you identify and locate disciplinary resources provided by the Library.

Key skills to evaluate other information sources will also be covered.

You will also learn the concepts of citing a source and how to easily cite a source with different citation styles.

You can read the guide for CAR subjects before joining the workshop: CAR Subjects : Guide for CAR subjects.
Download View 9 Mar 2022
Library Research for Freshmen**This workshop provides an introduction to undergraduate research using resources of the Library. Topics include:

▪  Understand types of resources in library
▪  Build effective search statements on a research topic
▪  Identify and evaluate relevant resources
▪  Use the sources wisely and cite properly
Download -- 11 Nov 2019
Library and Online Resources for Data Skills When dealing with data, many may choose Excel as a tool for data processing.

But when working with large scale and complicated datasets, advanced coding skills and other specialized tools give you more flexibility and efficiency to handle data.

This workshop helps data beginners identify different library and online resources on data sources, data cleaning, data analysis and data visualization to suit your own learning and research needs.
Download View 11 Mar 2022

Remarks: *Find updates from Online Tools for Assignment Guide

                 **Online Courses are available for these workshops. Visit Library Online Courses for details.


► EndNote Workshops

Code Topic Handout Recording Date
EndNote Workshop for Beginners**
This workshop will cover basic features of EndNote 21.

In this highly interactive workshop, the instructor will use the Library EndNote Guide to lead you through several EndNote tasks, such as creating an EndNote library, adding, editing and managing references, and making bibliographies, etc.

Please note that this workshop will mainly cover Modules 1 to 5 of the EndNote Online Course.
Download -- 16 Nov 2023

Remark: **Online Courses are available for these workshops. Visit Library Online Courses for details.

Databases Trainings

The Library has arranged a series of training sessions for Electronic Databases. Covering different tools, these workshops aim to prepare our students and staff with essential knowledge and skills to pursuit academic and research success.

This webinar will briefly introduce why standards matter and how they can support your research. The class will give a quick guide on how to search standards in British Standards Online (BSOL), IHS Engineering Workbench and other available sources.
Code Topic Handout Recording Date
E-discovery – FactivaFactiva is a premium global news and business database which gives you immediate access to over 33,000 sources from all over the world.

The coverage includes US and international newspapers, newswires, trade journals, influential websites, blogs, images and videos.

The quick snapshot and data for company and industry also allow you to gain business insight in seconds.

Workshop Outline:
▪  Select appropriate news source for finding current and historical newspapers
▪  Create effective search strategies for retrieving relevant news articles
Download View 5 Mar 2021
E-discovery - Finding Standards This webinar will briefly introduce why standards matter and how they can support your research.

The class will give a quick guide on how to search standards in British Standards Online (BSOL), IHS Engineering Workbench and other available sources.
Download View 25 Mar 2022
Westlaw Asia - Legal Resources for your Project and Research Work Westlaw Asia is an online legal research service which provides a unique collection of legal and regulatory information, e.g., case law, legislation, journals, current awareness, news and books/commentary etc.

Topics include:
▪  Content types and Jurisdictions covered
▪  How to get around in the platform
▪  Cases search, legislation search
▪  Commentary and journals search
▪  Current Awareness and news search
Download View 22 Mar 2023
Passport Training - Making Effective Use of Market Information ResourcesPassport is a global market information database provides timely insights and analyses on industry, market research and data, consumer lifestyles, socioeconomic and demographic trends, from over 106 countries.

This workshop aims to demonstrate use of Passport and how it can assist you in your research and learning.

Workshop Outline:
▪  What resources are available in Passport
▪   How to get around the platform, e.g. keyword searches, browse Full Tree for categories and topics, etc.
▪  Ways to refine results and get full text
▪  Tips for searching latest marking data and reports
Download View 15 Mar 2022
Bloomberg Webinar: Getting Started on BloombergThis workshop is designed to introduce Bloomberg databases in the PolyU collection to new users. It will cover:

▪  How to get started using the Bloomberg keyboard
▪  Understanding the flow of system logic to make it work for you
▪  Global Market information
▪  Introduction on Fixed income securities in Bloomberg
▪  Finding details on individual securities
▪  How to gain access to information 24/7 and support via Help
-- View 12 Oct 2020
Bloomberg Webinar: Bloomberg Equity Analysis ToolsThis workshop will help participants learn how to use Bloomberg tools to gain insight into global equity markets. It will cover:

▪  Global Market Overview – Security Information, Equities & Index Prices
▪  Equity Analysis Basics – News, Charting, Financials, Major Shareholders
▪  Equity Comparison – Estimates, Analyst Recommendation, Relative Valuation
▪  Current Awareness – News functions for real time updates
-- View 16 Oct 2020
Finding Quality Chemical Information Resources from SciFinder-nSciFinder-n is a research tool that allows you to access the world's largest collection of biochemical, chemical, chemical engineering, medical, and other related information. It provides access to the CAplus database of chemical literature and U.S. and foreign chemical-related patents, CASREACT, the Registry database from Chemical Abstracts Service and Medline.

Join this workshop to learn how to search for journal articles, book chapters, patents, conference proceedings, technical reports, substance database and much more within the SciFinder-n.

Workshop Outline:

▪  Improve search efficiency with relevance ranking, Boolean operators and unique filter options
▪  Explore journal and patent literature using CAS indexing and PatentPak
▪  Use Synthetic Methods and Retrosynthesis to plan multi-step synthesis for known and novel compounds with ease
▪  Highlight the latest enhancements of SciFinder-n
-- View 24 Oct 2023
CINAHL Complete and Medline Training - Finding Quality Literature and Tips for Systematic ReviewCINAHL Complete is the definitive research tool for nursing and allied health professionals. Users get fast and easy full-text access to top journals, evidence-based care sheets, quick lessons and more, from 1937 to the present.

Medline is widely recognised as a premier source of biomedical literature. The Medline collection via EBSCOhost in the library contains more than 25 million records from 5,200+ selected publications from 1946 to the present.

Workshop Outline:

▪  Basic functions of CINAHL Complete and Medline
▪  Construct effective search statements using keyword, MeSH and CINAHL Subject Headings
▪  7 Steps to the perfect PICO Search
▪  Tips on conducting systematic reviews with CINAHL Complete and Medline
Download View 20 Oct 2023
Effective Literature Search using China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)The China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) has a new interface!

CNKI being a China Integrated Knowledge Resources Database has collections of resources in various formats, e.g. journals, doctoral dissertations, masters’ theses, etc.

This webinar aims to help our students and researchers become familiar with the new interface on the CNKI platform and explore essential features.

Topics to be covered:
▪  Content available in CNKI
▪  Ways to navigate resources in different kinds
▪  Locate high quality research articles for your discipline(s)
▪  Tips for efficient literature searching

Medium of Instruction: Mandarin
Download View 15 Oct 2020
Cochrane Library - Literature Searching and Tips to Support Systematic ReviewsThe Cochrane Library is an electronic collection designed to supply high quality, independent evidence in health care.

In this webminar, you will be guided through the Cochrane Library platform to get familiar with its interface and essential features.

Some latest enhancements and updates, including the new PICO search, will be introduced.

Topics will be covered:
▪  Content available in Cochrane Library and its compositions
▪  How to get around in the platform
▪  What’s new in Cochrane Library
▪  Using PICO Search to support EBM research
▪  How to set up alerts and find help
Download View 10 Mar 2023
Mastering STATdx – a Powerful Diagnostic Imaging DatabaseSTATdx provides a rich collection of medical imaging and diagnoses for reference, and is also a good resource to improve users’ anatomy knowledge.

Topics include:
▪  An overview of STATdx
▪  Navigate STATdx and conduct effective searches
▪  Demonstrate the strength of features and tools on the platform
▪  Q & A discussion with participants
Download View 25 Nov 2021
Statista Training - Finding Statistics in 30 SecondsStatista gives access to more than one million statistics on 80,000 topics from 22,500 sources covering roughly 170 industry sectors.

This online workshop will show you how to search and find useful statistics in Statista quickly, easily and with confidence:

▪  Introduction to Statista with Consumer Insights
▪  Effective ways to search for statistics and forecasts on topics of interest
▪  Tips & tricks on using the Statista platform including Consumer Insights
-- View 19 Oct 2023
EIU Viewpoint - Introduction and TrainingEIU Viewpoint is an intelligence platform that provides insights into a country’s political, policy and economic outlook, and proprietary ratings on the business environment and risks.

Workshop Outline:
▪  Learn how to navigate EIU Viewpoint to find Global, Regional and Country-level analysis content
▪  Introduction to our Industry and Commodities coverage
▪  Data Tool: Learn how to chart data into Graphs and download into Excel using our state-of-the-art data tool
▪  Explore the new Data Saved Searches, Alerts and Search function
-- View 28 Mar 2022
CEIC China Premium Database – Locating Socio-economic Data of ChinaThe CEIC China Premium Database is a Chinese statistical database which provides more than 426,000 time series of macroeconomic and industry data at national, provincial and city levels.

Workshop Outline:
▪  Data coverage of CEIC China Premium Database
▪  Basics of searching and navigation
▪  Expert tips for discovery of data series and other insights / reports
▪  Visualize, compare and download data between regions
▪  Case Studies
Download View 17 Oct 2022
Finding Psychology Literature from ProQuest’s APA DatabasesIn this workshop, we will look at how to use PsycInfo, PsycTests and PsycArticles on ProQuest Platform to access scholarly and professional content on psychology.

In addition to key features of these APA databases, some basic skills of searching will be covered in the session as well, so no prior knowledge is required.

▪  ProQuest Platform and APA databases
▪  Basics of searching – using the ProQuest Platform
▪  Expert features for Psychology on the APA databases
▪  Setting up alerts, trouble-shootings & getting help
Download View 19 Oct 2022
SciFinder-n Advanced: Enhance your Search Strategies for Drug DiscoveryIn additional to topics covered in the Introduction workshop, this session will focus on drug discovery using SciFinder-n:

▪  Explore CAS unique indexing related to Drug Discovery processes e.g. Drug targets, Bioactivities, Structure Activity Relationships, Formulations etc.
▪  Generate new ideas and patent insights on chemical scaffolds with Chemscape Visualization
▪  Plan efficient synthetic routes for drug molecules using Retrosynthetic Analysis 
-- View 27 Oct 2022
WGSN Insight: an IntroductionWGSN is the leading online trend-analysis and research service providing creative and business intelligence for the apparel, style, design and retail industries.

Topics will be included:
▪  WGSN collection in Library
▪  What is WGSN?
▪  More Insight we going to deep dive
-- View 28 Sep 2022
Explore Hong Kong History with Gale Primary SourcesGale primary source contains a vast array of monographs, manuscripts, newspapers, photographs, and maps covering modern China and Hong Kong history.

In this session, the speaker will walk you through the platform and demonstrate how to use the collection to explore Hong Kong's colonial-era histroical records.

Topics will be covered:

▪  What resources are available in Gale Primary Sources
▪  How to get around the platform
▪  Ways to refine results and get full text
▪  More tips about citing and reusing primary sources
Download View 27 Mar 2023
DataCamp: Empower Your Data PotentialDataCamp, subscribed by the Library, is an innovative online learning platform offering a wide range of data science and analytics courses.

With hands-on projects, interactive exercises, and real-world applications, it equips users with essential data skills to excel in their academic and future career pursuits.

In this webinar, the following topics will be discussed:

▪  Discover the platform and dynamic functionalities of DataCamp
▪  Explore the learning curriculum, from Python and R to SQL, and many more
▪  Obtain e-certificate upon course completion to showcase the skills
▪  Gain useful tips and tricks for maximising your learning
Download View 28 Sept 2023
Advancing Lab Instruction: Use Springer Protocols in Scientific Research & EducationSpringer Protocols is a database of reproducible laboratory protocols in biomedicine and life sciences.

The platform contains nearly 40 years of protocols and most of them are taken from the Humana Press book series and the Springer Protocols Handbooks.

Topics to be covered:

▪  What are protocols and why are they important?
▪  How to use Springer Protocols database?
▪  Protocols as Educational Resources: Use Cases
▪  Mapping Protocols to the Career Path (from Student to Scientist)
▪  Outlook: the Next Scientific Generation & the Future of Lab Work
Download View 5 Jan 2023


► Databases Trainings to Support Teaching

Code Topic Handout Recording Date
Use JoVE Videos to Support TeachingJoVE Core is high-impact animations that explain concepts taught in undergraduate Biology, Chemistry and Social Psychology courses.
JoVE Science Education is a video library dedicated to teaching key concepts and fundamental lab techniques of scientific experiments through easy-to-understand visual demonstrations.

All PolyU staff and students now enjoy unlimited access to the JoVE video collection.

Join the session to learn how to map JoVE videos to your course syllabus and embed them into Blackboard modules!

Topics to be covered:
▪  An overview of different JoVE contents
▪  Embed JoVE videos into Blackboard
▪  Playlists: Syllabus mapping for your courses and textbooks
▪  Quiz Banks: Quizzes with our science education videos
Download View 25 Feb 2022
Teaching with SAGE Business Cases: Tips that you need to knowSAGE Business Cases is designed to engage students by applying core concepts to practice through the use of examples from the global business environment.

With this newly subscribed database, faculty staff can now access these authoritative cases from over 120 countries to support their teaching.

Join this webinar to learn more about using SAGE Business Cases in your teaching. All staff are welcome!

The following topics will be covered:
▪  An overview of SAGE Business Cases
▪  Content highlights: Express Cases, Enhanced Cases, The "Raw" Cases
▪  Cases from Global Partners & Cases from SAGE Originals
▪  Guide for accessing Teaching Notes
Download View 4 Aug 2022

Citation Databases and Research Analytical Tools 

This section covers workshops conducted by librarians about Research Analysis support, such as tools to evaluate journals, tips to manage author profiles, and publishing seminars delivered by publishes, etc.   

Code Topic Handout Recording Date
Citation Databases - Web of Science and ScopusWeb of Science and Scopus are important core citation databases which enable users to search current and retrospective multidisciplinary information from leading international research journals and conference proceedings.

In this workshop, participants will use both databases to locate seminal works by topic and author.

H-index, which can be used to measure the research performance of an author, will also be introduced.

Through the activities, you will be able to identify the differences brought by these two core citation databases and use them for your research.
Download View 20 Nov 2023
Using Journal Analyzing Tools to Evaluate JournalsThis workshop aims to introduce key tools and metrics to evaluate journals, including Impact Factor and Journal Citation Indicator in Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and CiteScore, SJR, SNIP in Scopus.

You will learn how to evaluate and rank journals using these tools.

You may read library guide of Journal Impact before attending the workshop
Download View 23 Nov 2023
Using Essential Science Indicators to Analyse Research PerformanceInCites Essential Science Indicators (ESI) is research performance analytical tool based on Web of Science Core Collection data.

It compiles statistical information (publication, citation, and cites-per-paper counts) for scientists, institutions, countries, and journals.

This workshop will show participants how to use this valuable tool to:
▪  reveal trends and emerging areas of research
▪  identify influential individuals, institutions, papers, journals and countries by research field
Download View 28 Nov 2023
Using SciVal to Identify Research Potentials
SciVal is a web-based strategic analysis tool using Scopus data.

This workshop will cover the basics of SciVal, its underlying data, and the modules of SciVal.

You will learn to use the tools to identify top-cited publications, compare performance of selected journals and analyse emerging areas of research.
Download View 8 Dec 2022
Introduction to SciVal for Administrative StaffSciVal is a web-based strategic analysis tool using Scopus data.

This workshop is tailor-made for administrative staff. It will cover basics of SciVal, its underlying data, and the modules of SciVal.

Participants will learn to use the modules in SciVal to identify, analyze and compare different institutions, countries and groups of researchers in different subject areas.
Download -- 21 May 2019
Introduction to Citation Databases for Administrative staffIn this workshop specially designed for Administrative staff, participants will gain an understanding on how Scopus and Web of Science, the two core citation databases, are used to support researchers and academic research.

Participants will also be introduced to basic metrics to evaluate journals, articles and authors.

Through the in-class activities, participants will be able to identify the research impact of the research outputs and individual researcher by generating the citation metrics on the two core citation databases.

Participants can read the library guide before joining the workshop: Author Impact
Download -- 24 May 2019

Publishing and Author Support

Library will organise workshops and publishing seminars, which aim to share with you some useful tools and tips for publishing and also managing your author profiles.

► Workshops Conducted by Librarians 

Code Topic Handout Recording Date
Managing Author Profiles to Increase Your Research VisibilityThis workshop will introduce the commonly used author profiling tools for researchers to showcase their publications and other research outputs.

The author profiling tools covered in this workshop will include Scopus Author ID, ORCID and ResearcherID (Publons from Web of Science). H-index, which can be used to measure the research performance of an author, will also be introduced.

You may read the library guide before the workshop: Research Visibility: Researcher Profile
Download View 10 May 2023
Publishing 101 - Basics of Academic Journal PublishingThis workshop will introduce the basics of academic journal publishing process - from choosing the right journal for submission, getting through peer review, to sharing your works online after publication and tracing the impact of your publications.

Topics on open access, copyright and tips to increase research visibility will also be addressed.
Download View 6 Dec 2021
Publishing 101: Tools and Tips for Journal SelectionThis workshop aims to help you learn the general criteria in journal selection for submission, and available tools to select quality journals and avoid potential predatory journals.

Open access will also be discussed.
Download View 11 Apr 2022
Publishing 101: Preparing for Manuscript SubmissionUnderstanding the publishing cycle of scholarly journals can help you to better prepare for manuscript submission.

In the 2nd workshop of the Publishing 101 series, you will be introduced to the different processes from submitting a manuscript for review, to sharing your works online after publication.

We will also provide some tips on how to improve your chances of getting manuscripts to be accepted.
Download View 14 Apr 2022
Publishing 101: Sharing your Publications and Managing Author ProfilesMany researchers would share their own publications on various channels in order to increase the visibility of their research.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the different versions of a manuscript and how to ensure that you are sharing the right version without infringing copyright.

Popular author profiling tools to manage and showcase your publications will also be covered.
Download -- 5 Jun 2020
Research Data Management 101The workshop aims to support researchers in meeting the increasing expectations of funders and publishers regarding the management and sharing of research data. In addition to recognising these expectations and learning how to use DMPonline to create a data management plan, participants will receive tips for managing research data effectively.

Workshop Outline:

▪  Understand expectations from funders and publishers in managing and sharing of research data
▪  Prepare a data management plan using DMPonline for your research project
▪  Share tips for managing and sharing research data, such as adopting suitable file formats and naming conventions, version control, and appropriate data repositories.

You may read the Research Data Management LibGuide before attending the workshop.
Download View 8 May 2023
Maximising Research Impact through Open Science PracticesJoin us for an engaging seminar that aims to promote transparency, reproducibility, and collaboration in research.
This seminar will guide you through the research cycle, highlighting essential aspects of Open Science such as open data, open access publishing, and author profiles.

During the seminar, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Open Science principles. You'll learn how to effectively share research data, explore the numerous benefits of open access publishing, and discover the process of depositing your work in the PolyU Institutional Research Archive (PIRA).

Topics on copyright for publishing and tips to increase research visibility that could lead to possible collaboration will also be addressed.
Download -- 27 Oct 2023

► Publishing Seminars Conducted by Editors

Topic Publisher / Co-organizer Handout Recording Date
Open Access Publishing in IOP Journals IOP Publishing Download  View 18 Oct 2023
Open Access Publishing in Cambridge University Press Journals Cambridge University Press Download  View 23 May 2023
Academic Publishing in Health Science SAGE Publishing Download  View 16 May 2023
Publishing Journal Articles in Open Access Taylor & Francis Download View 7 Dec 2022
What Makes an Effective Article: 10 Tips for Scholarly Publishing ACS Publications  Download -- 25 May 2022
Academic Publishing for Early Career Researchers Wiley Download View 26 Apr 2022
Getting Published in Nature Journals – From an Editor’s Views Springer Nature -- -- 20 Dec 2021
Publishing with Cell Press in Material Science Cell Press -- View 25 May 2021
Publish Open Access Articles in Cambridge University Press Journals Cambridge University Press Download View 3 Mar 2021
Getting Published in Nature and Nature Research Journals Springer Nature Download View 10 Dec 2020
Publishing Your First Academic Book: Tips to Help You Succeed Routledge Download View 3 Nov 2020
Publishing in Academic Journals: Tips to Lead you Succeed Taylor & Francis Download -- 7 Nov 2019
Peer Review 101: Improve Your Own Manuscript by Understanding the Peer Review Process Clarivate Analytics Download -- 17 May 2019
Tips to Get Published in Academic Journals Taylor & Francis Download -- 25 Apr 2019
Publishing Your First, or Next, Academic Book Routledge Download -- 6 Nov 2018
Getting Published in Medical Journals  BMJ Download -- 11 Oct 2018
From Conference Poster to Publication - Tips for Getting Published in Language and Teaching Journals ELC, PolyU Download -- 9 May 2018
Publishing in Academic Journals - Tips to help you succeed Taylor & Francis Download -- 19 Apr 2018
Making Your Research Count Springer Nature Download -- 7 Feb 2018
Making Your Research Open in the Right Way Taylor & Francis Download -- 3 Nov 2017
How to Publish a Technical Paper with IEEE IEEE Download -- 24 Oct 2017
Behind the Scenes at the Nature Journals Springer Nature Download -- 30 Jun 2017
Peer Review: Basics and Benefits Wiley Download -- 23 May 2017
Guide to Getting Published Emerald Download -- 27 Apr 2017
Maximize Your Research Impact through Open Access Publishing BMC Download -- 28 Oct 2016
Enriching the Research Lifecycle with Open Science  Wiley Download -- 27 Oct 2016
Introduction to Open Publishing Taylor & Francis Download -- 25 Oct 2016
Author Strategies for Successful Journal Publication Wiley Download -- 3 May 2016
Publishing in Academic Journals: Tips to help you succeed Taylor & Francis Download -- 29 Oct 2015