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[Library Workshops] Handouts and Recordings

This guide consolidates PPT slides, recordings and related information of completed workshops and webinars.

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Handouts, Recordings in Last Semester (Sem2, AY2020/21)

Each semester, the Library will arrange interactive training via webinars and/or face-to-face workshops for students and staff to acquire knowledge on various topics.

Webinars about Essential Skills for Academic and Research Success


► Webinars Conducted by Librarians

Code Topic Handout Recording Webinar Date
Citing References and Avoiding Plagiarism What constitutes plagiarism? Would it still be plagiarism if you have cited your references correctly?
Join us to find out more about what constitutes plagiarism, learn some techniques to avoid plagiarism, and the concepts of reference types and citation styles. Instructor will demonstrate basic features of EndNote to help you better organize your references to make citing easier. Some commonly used plagiarism detection tools will also be introduced.
Download View 4 Mar 2021
Library Resources for CAR SubjectsWhat information sources should you use for your CAR assignment question? How to cite them? This workshop will help you identify, locate, and evaluate information sources based on required information needs. Learn concepts of citation, format various citation styles, and how to easily write proper citation.
Download -- 1 Mar 2021
E-discovery – Factiva Factiva is a premium global news and business database which gives you immediate access to over 33,000 sources from all over the world. The coverage includes US and international newspapers, newswires, trade journals, influential websites, blogs, images and videos. The quick snapshot and data for company and industry also allow you to gain business insight in seconds.
Workshop Outline:
▪  Select appropriate news source for finding current and historical newspapers
▪  Create effective search strategies for retrieving relevant news articles
Download View 5 Mar 2021


► Webinars Conducted by Database Vendors

Code Topic Handout Recording Webinar Date
Passport Training - Making Effective Use of the Market Research Database Passport is a global market information database provides timely insights and analyses on industry, market research and data, consumer lifestyles, socioeconomic and demographic trends, from over 106 countries. This workshop aims to demonstrate use of Passport and how it can assist you in your research and learning.
Workshop Outline:
▪  What resources are available in Passport
▪  How to get around the platform, e.g. keyword searches, browse Full Tree for categories and topics, etc.
▪  Ways to refine results and get full text
▪  Tips for searching latest marking data and reports
Download View 29 Mar 2021
SciFinder Training - Finding Quality Chemical Resources SciFinder is a research tool that allows you to access the world's largest collection of biochemical, chemical, chemical engineering, medical, and other related information. SciFinder provides access to the CAplus database of chemical literature and U.S. and foreign chemical-related patents, to CASREACT, to the Registry database from Chemical Abstracts Service, and to Medline. It includes journal articles, book chapters, patents, conference proceedings, technical reports, substance database.
Workshop Outline:
▪  Use Categorize, Analyze and CAS indexing to find chemical references
▪  Use structure and molecular formula to search for complex materials, composites, alloys and organometallics…etc.
▪  Find both patents and journal articles in one single search
Download View 14 Apr 2021
CINAHL and Medline Training - Finding Quality Literature and Tips for Systematic Review CINAHL is the definitive research tool for nursing and allied health professionals. Users get fast and easy full-text access to top journals, evidence-based care sheets, quick lessons and more, from 1937 to the present. Medline is widely recognised as a premier source of biomedical literature. The Medline collection via EBSCOhost in the library contains more than 25 million records from 5,200+ selected publications from 1946 to the present.
Workshop Outline:
▪  Basic functions of CINAHL and Medline
▪  Construct effective search statements using keyword and MeSH
▪  7 Steps to the perfect PICO Search
▪  Tips on conducting systematic reviews with CINAHL and Medline
Download View 9 Apr 2021

Webinars about Tools to Support Authors and Scholarly Publishing


► Workshops Conducted by Librarians 

Code Topic Handout Recording Webinar Date
Using Essential Science Indicators to Analyze Research PerformanceInCites Essential Science Indicators (ESI) is research performance analytical tool based on Web of Science Core Collection data. It compiles statistical information (publication, citation, and cites-per-paper counts) for scientists, institutions, countries, and journals. This workshop will show participants how to use this valuable tool to:
▪  reveal trends and emerging areas of research
▪  identify influential individuals, institutions, papers, journals and countries by research field
Download View 4 May 2021
Using SciVal to Identify Research PotentialsSciVal is a web-based strategic analysis tool using Scopus data. This workshop will cover basics of SciVal, its underlying data, and the modules of SciVal. Participants will learn to use the tools to identify and analyze existing and potential research collaboration opportunities and analyze emerging areas of research
Download View 6 May 2021


Publishing Seminars Conducted by Editors

Topic Publisher Handout Recording Webinar Date
Publish Open Access Articles in Cambridge University Press Journals Cambridge University Press Download View 3 Mar 2021
Publishing with Cell Press in Material Science Cell Press -- View 25 May 2021