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PolyU Library

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services (ILL&DDS)

Provide support to the PolyU community by obtaining literature beyond collections in the PolyU Library.


 Phone   2766-6971 (ILL&DDS Team)
 Whatsapp   2766-6863
    Interlibrary Loan &
  Document Delivery Services,
  L114, Pao Yue-kong Library,
  The Hong Kong Polytechnic
  University, Hung Hom,
  Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Lending Policies

The Library offers ILL&DDS to libraries of the following institutions and organizations:

Library* Book
Document Delivery
  • Local government-funded tertiary educational institutions 
  • Local government departments/agencies

Reciprocal arrangement

  • Local non-government funded tertiary educational institutions
  • Local non-profit making corporations or organizations

Not applicable

HK$150 or
IFLA voucher
per article

  • Mainland and overseas libraries

* Borrowing libraries are expected to observe IFLA’s International Resource Sharing and Document Delivery: Principles and Guidelines for Procedure.

Delivery & Return

Local libraries:

  • ILL: The borrowing library is responsible for pickup and return of the requested/loaned items at the Loan & Return Counter at Podium Floor of the Library during the opening hours.
  • DDS: Delivered via e-channel or surface mail.

Non-local libraries: 

  • DDS: Deliver via e-channel or surface mail/airmail.

The loan period for an item obtained from ILL is 28 days and can be renewed twice. Renewal should be made before the due date. We reserve the right to recall the item before the due date. 

Users from the borrowing library can keep the item obtained from DDS for research and private study purpose.

Loss & Damage

Borrowing libraries are responsible for returning their loans on or before the due date. Any material which is overdue for 60 days and has not been returned will be assumed to have been lost by the borrowing library. An estimated cost of replacement of the book plus processing costs will be charged to the borrowing library. This also applies to any loss or damage of the loaned materials.

The Library reserves the right to suspend services to the borrowing library with unacceptable records of overdue, loss or book damage.


The DDS is provided in accordance with Hong Kong's Copyright Ordinance (Cap. 528). The Library reserves the right to reject any request that may violate the ordinance.

By submitting a DDS request, the user from the borrowing library declares that he/she has read and agreed to the copyright declaration.

Request Channels & Payment Methods

Request Channels:

Payment methods*: 

  • By cheque payable to “The Hong Kong Polytechnic University”, or
  • By IFLA vouchers

* Pre-payment is required.