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PolyU Library

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services (ILL&DDS)

Provide support to the PolyU community by obtaining literature beyond collections in the PolyU Library.

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 Phone   2766-6971 (ILL&DDS Team)
 Whatsapp   2766-6863
 In Person   Enquiry Counter, P/F, 
  Pao Yue-kong Library


The DDS is provided in accordance with Hong Kong's Copyright Ordinance (Cap. 528). The Library reserves the right to reject any request that may violate this ordinance. 

By submitting a DDS request, the user declares he/she has read and agreed to the copyright declaration below.

  • The item received from DDS will be used for academic research or private study purpose only, and not be used for circulation, further reproduction, or any other purposes.
  • The user has not been supplied with more than one copy of the same material.
  • The user has not been supplied with more than one article contained in the same issue of a periodical, or with a copy more than a reasonable proportion of any work.
  • The user understands that if he or she made a false declaration and was supplied with the copy, then:
    • The copy will be treated as an infringing copy.
    • The user is liable for copyright infringement as if he or she made the copy himself or herself
  • Should there be a dispute concerning copyright infringement, the user takes full responsibility and indemnifies the Library and the University any liability incurred in relation to this photocopying


Full text of the Copyright Ordinance (Cap. 528) is available through the Hong Kong e-Legislation. More information about copyright could be obtained from the Intellectual Property Department of the HKSAR Government.

The University considers the protection of intellectual property a serious matter and copying of copyright materials, without the license of the copyright owner, may be regarded as a statutory offence. Staff and students should comply with the Copyright Ordinance then prevailing at all times.  Please refer to Guideline for Using Copyright Materials in Learning and Teaching for details.