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Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services (ILL&DDS)

Provide support to the PolyU community by obtaining literature beyond collections in the PolyU Library.

When to use HKALL & ILL

Contact Us

 Phone   2766-6971 (ILL&DDS Team)
 Whatsapp   2766-6863
 In Person   Enquiry Counter, P/F, 
  Pao Yue-kong Library

What is the difference between HKALL & ILL&DDS?

HKALL allows eligible users to access print books from 8 UGC-funded University Libraries in Hong Kong only, while ILL&DDS allows eligible users to access books, journal articles, conference papers, and other materials from partnering libraries worldwide.

Refer to this infographic to learn more about when to use HKALL & Interlibrary Loan.

How to submit an ILL or DDS request?

You can submit an ILL or DDS request via PolyU ILLiad System. You may refer to our User Guide or Video Tutorial to learn how to place an ILL or DDS request.

What is the quota for ILL&DDS?

Eligible users can request up to 150 items per academic year (1 September to 31 August). Undergraduate students in programmes leading to PolyU awards can also request up to 20 items per academic year. Please find more information here.

What can I request via ILL&DDS?

Eligible users* can request the following types of literature via the online request form:

  • Journal Article
  • Book
  • Book Chapter
  • Conference paper
  • Patent
  • Thesis

*Undergraduate students can request journal article, book chapter, and conference paper only.

When can I obtain the requested item?

We strive to deliver materials to you as soon as practicable. The estimated waiting time for your requests depends on the libraries or the organizations that provide us the materials. You may refer to the following timeframe for reference:

  Obtainable from Local Sources Obtainable from Overseas Suppliers
6 working days
Depends on the supplier
DDS 4 working days

However, the delivery time for the requested items is dependent on the library or the organization that is providing the materials. Delays can happen due to a number of factors, including but not limited to, rare items that are difficult to source, postage issues, supplier sent incorrect/incomplete damaged items, etc. 

Do rest assure that the Library strives to deliver your requested materials to you as soon as practicable.

How do I know when the requested item arrives?

The Library will send a notification email to you once the requested item is available. 

How long can I keep the item obtained from ILL&DDS?

For returnable items obtained by ILL, you can pick up at Loan and Return Counter in person. There will be a due date slip attached on the item. The due date is fixed no matter when you pick up the book. Items not picked up before the due date will be returned to the lending library without further notification. 

For e-materials obtained by DDS, the Library will provide a secure URL in the notification email for you to download within 30 days. You may refer to our User Guide to learn how to download the material. You can keep the item for research and private study purpose. Items not downloaded within the 30-day period will be removed without further notification. 

For print materials obtained by DDS, you can pick up at the Loan and Return Counter in person. You can keep the item for research and private study purpose. Items not picked up within the 30-day period will be discarded without further notification. 

Where can I return the used item?

For returnable items obtained by ILL, there will be a due date slip attached on the item. Please return the item with the attached slip to the Loan & Return Counter (P/F) before the due date. Please DO NOT return the item via self-check stations in the Library or the 24x7 automated book return station.

In some cases, the lending library may request for the item to be used within the Library only. Please return the item at the Loan & Return Counter before leaving. You can pick up the item again at the counter anytime before the due date.

You do not need to return the item obtained from DDS.  You can keep the material for research and private study purposes.

How can I renew the item obtained from ILL?

You can request for a renewal via the online form starting 6 days before the due date. You may refer to our User Guide to learn how to make a renewal request. Overdue items are not renewable.

Renewal requests are subjected to the approval of the lending institution. We will communicate the outcome of renewal request with you via your PolyU email.

Please return the item to the Loan & Return Counter before the due date in the event that renewal is rejected by the lending library.

Is there any fining or late charge?

The lending library may impose a late charge and/or replacement cost for overdue, lost and damaged item. You are responsible for the payment of charges arising from the mentioned reasons.

The Library reserves the right to suspend any ILL&DDS privilege for users holding overdue item(s) or users with unpaid charges and/or replacement cost.