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Google Scholar vs OneSearch vs Databases

Generally, there are three ways to find articles:

  • Google Scholar is a quick search tool when you have an article title in hand, but may not give you very relevant results if your keywords are very broad. 
  • OneSearch is a one-stop search of Library's subscribed resources, most of which are scholarly materials. However, sometimes you may still find too many results when your keywords are not specific enough.
  • Database contains specialized materials, e.g. specialized in one subject area such as engineering, or specialized in one type of resources such as journal articles, books, or standards documents. 

Learn how to search more effectively from this guide Build an Effective Search Statement.

Find Articles in Databases

Article Databases

Access Articles via OneSearch

Access Articles

There are a few ways to access full-text after you found an article in OneSearch. 

Note: To view the full text of the article, you will be prompted to login with your NetID and NetPassword, especially for off-campus access.


Take this article on OneSearch as an example.

Access PDF from OneSearch

 Download PDF directly

 View the article within the journal on BrowZine platform. This allows you to view other articles in the same volume/issue of the journal.

 View the article from publisher's site. This allows you to view other related articles recommended by the journal.

   Directly download article in PDF:
Download PDF directly

   View article within the journal on BrowZine platform:
Access PDF from BrowZine

   View article from publisher's site:
Access PDF from publisher site

Access E-Journals via OneSearch

Access E-Journals

Library has subscribed to over 170k scholarly journals and 99.5% of them are in e-format. Visit Journals A-Z to find and access the journals available through the Library. You may also use BrowZine which allows easy browsing, reading and following journals on both desktop and mobile devices.

Journals A-Z BrowZine
Access E-Journals through Journals A-Z