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Data Skills

As an engineering student, you may come across different situations of dealing with data, e.g. first-hand data collected from your experiments, or processed data obtained from a data provider. Excel spreadsheets could be your first tool for processing data, but when it comes to scaling and working with larger datasets, you may need some advanced data skills. Mastering such skills not only helps you handle more complicated datasets and automate tasks, it may also bring you a different perspective when facing your challenge.

Below are some Library and online resources to help you get started. Learn the skills today, which may open up new opportunities for you tomorrow.

Library Resources for Data Skills

To get started, make sure to register through Library's page!

Here is an example of a Python course - learn through short tutorials and lots of hands-on! 

Here is an example of a learning path designed for data science or IT professionals who want to get involved in database design. The platform will guide you through a series of videos and book chapters to help achieve your learning goal.


Other Free Online Resources