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Systematic Search for Systematic Review

This guide aims to provide advice and resources for doing a systematic review.

Step 4. Add Name of Database to References

Add Name of Database to Imported References

Adding the name of database in the reference records will assist the deduplication process and help crosscheck the number of records after duplicates are removed. Some databases (e.g. Embase) already have included name of database information in the exported references, while some may not (e.g. CINAHL, PubMed). For such cases, you may follow the steps below to add them on.

  1. Make sure the references exported from a database have been moved to the respective group. Select the group where you'd like to apply the change. 
    Be cautious!  If you do not select a group, the change will be applied to ALL references across ALL groups of your library. This operation CANNOT BE UNDONE!  If you are unsure, SAVE A BACKUP of your library first. 
  2. Go to Tools > Change/Move/Copy Fields... (Note: in Endnote 20, go to Library > Change/Move/Copy Fields... instead) 
  3. Select "Name of Database".
  4. Select "Replace whole field with:"
  5. Type in the name of the database, e.g. Medline (PubMed). Then click OK.
  6. An alert message will pop up, reminding "this operation cannot be undone". Click OK to continue. The name of the database will be then assigned to all references in the selected group.