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Systematic Search for Systematic Review

This guide aims to provide advice and resources for doing a systematic review.

Step 2. Create Groups in EndNote

Create Groups

We suggest you to create a group for each database you search for your systematic review. Name each group using the database's name. Groups can help you organize your search results, handle duplicates and count numbers of records after removing duplicates. Follow the steps below.

  1. Right-click "My Groups" from left panel and click "Create Group". 
  2. Name the group using the name of the database you search. e.g. "A - Medline (PubMed)", "B - CINAHL (EbscoHost)", "C - Embase". EndNote will sort all groups alphabetically.
  3. Create another group and name it as "Z - Duplicates". This will help you temporarily store the duplicate records when you start removing duplicates.

Note  "Medline" and "CINAHL" are the names of the databases, while "PubMed" and "EbscoHost" in parentheses are names of their hosting platforms. One database can be available on various platforms, so it will be clearer to indicate the platform in the name of the group as well.