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Online Tools for Assignment

Introduce useful online tools that may help to prepare your assignment.

Scimago Graphica

Scimago Graphica is a free data visualization tool developed by SCImago LAB. It provides an easy way for us to explore, communicate, and make sense of data without using any coding. We can simply drag and drop the variables into the visual attributes to visualize our data as shown in the video below:

We use this Excel file which contains data of CO2 emission from the World Bank to demonstrate how we can use Scimago Graphica to visualize our data.  We can learn how to build different types of charts by downloading sample projects from its Data Viz Catalogue.

  1. Download and install Scimago Graphica. 
  2. Load the data file, and select the worksheet with the data we wish to visualize:

  3. Check and assign appropriate data types. E.g., Country for Country Code & Country Name, Date/Time for Year, Number for CO2(kt) & CO2 Per Capita (metric tons).
  4. Visit the visualization dashboard.

  5. Select visualization type and then drag-and-drop variables into the visual attributes. You can also refine the visualization by clicking on the variable you dropped to the visual attributes, e,g., the color of the gradient.

  6. We can then export the visualization in various formats, including HTML code so that we can keep the interactive and responsive visualizations on our server or web hosting.

Explore more types of charts that can be easily created with Scimago Graphica from its Data Viz Catalogue.

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