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Online Tools for Assignment

Introduce useful online tools that may help to prepare your assignment.

Google Forms

Google Forms is an online tool for collecting responses and data via tailor-made surveys. The collected responses will be automatically saved to a Google spreadsheet in real-time. You can send your form to collect responses via email, a direct link or social media like Google+, Twitter or Facebook. 

You need to have a Google account before you can use Google Forms. Below are the recommended steps to create a basic survey via Google Forms. You can learn more tips from the official support here.

Step 1: Create a new form

  1. Visit and login with your Google account.
  2. Click on Blank + to create a new form.

Step 2: Edit and format the form

  1. Add the survey title and a description of your survey if appropriate.
  2. Select an appropriate type of question, e.g. Multiple choices, Linear scale, Date, Time, etc.
  3. Add your survey question.
  4. Indicate if this is a mandatory question.
  5. Add a new question by clicking on Add.

Step 3: Send your survey to collect response

  1. Click on Send.
  2. Select a channel (Email, Direct link, Facebook, Twitter).
  3. Send or copy the link and send to your target audience.

Step 4: View and download the responses

  1. Click on Responses to view the information collected.
  2. View the responses on Google Spreadsheets. You can then download the information in Excel, CSV and other formats; OR
  3. Download the responses in CSV format.

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