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PolyU Library

Library Support During COVID-19: Teaching Support

Support on Course Readings & Other Teaching Materials

Recommend E-version of Print Books

PolyU staff and students can recommend specific book titles to the Library. As an interim measure, staff and students can request the Library to acquire an e-version, if available for institutional access, even when a print copy is available in the Library.

Recommend e-version of print books

Facilities for Video Production

To facilitate the production of online teaching materials, staff can make use of the 5 studios available at the Multimedia Commons (3/F North Wing). Check out the pages below to learn more.

For enquiries, please contact Technical Support Desk at 2766-6909.

Course Resource List on Learn@PolyU

Resource List provides students with easy access to reading materials prescribed by instructors right inside the Learn@PolyU course page, including books, readings and other online resources.

Add your teaching materials to Resource List so students can access them all in one platform. Refer to our step by step guide to learn how to do this.

Alternatively, send your reading list to the Library by filling out the Recommend Course Readings & Reserve Books form. We will help create a list for you.

Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are digital materials freely and openly accessible for educators, students and self-learners to use and reuse for teaching, learning and research.

Access PolyU OER Portal

The University encourages the inclusion of OER materials in teaching to enrich students' learning experience. The Library has developed an OER portal that allows you to discover OERs in your subject discipline.

You may also add OERs to Resource List so students can access all teaching materials in one page. Refer to our step to step guide to learn how to do this.

Copyright Issues on Teaching Materials

During this period, students may expect more e-materials available on the course page. As an instructor, you may wonder if uploading any teaching materials, e.g. a book chapter, to Learn@PolyU will infringe copyright. Here are some guidelines for you to refer to:

Copyright Exemptions for Giving and Receiving Instruction:

In general, sharing a reasonable portion of copyright work for the purpose of giving or receiving instruction in a specific course of study through a closed network can be treated as Fair Dealing and does not infringe copyright. Details please refer to this guide:

For Resources found in OneSearch:

  • Check the license terms on the record. For resources that indicated "Course Pack Electronic: Permitted", you are allowed to include links or a downloaded copy of the work (e.g. a journal article, a book chapter) onto Learn@PolyU, provided that the access to such materials are limited to authorized users only (e.g. your students).


For OERs:

  • If the resource adopts a Creative Commons (CC) license, check the attributions. For most CC licenses (e.g. CC BY 4.0), you are allowed to use the work for educational use as long as you acknowledge the source of the work. 
  • If the resource adopts "All Rights Reserved", check if the right allows educational use. Otherwise, contact the owner of the resource to ask for permission.
  • For more tips on using OERs, please refer to this page.

Request for Course Pack Production:

The University has a license agreement on course pack production by photocopying and scanning with The Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society Limited (“HKRRLS”) for a term of two years from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2022 for producing course packs for students with materials licensed from licensing bodies through the HKRRLS. Procedures and price can be read on these pages (login required):

Request a Library Workshop

Library also offers tailor-made workshops to support the teaching needs of individual course instructors. Currently, the workshops will be done online, via Blackboard Collaborate, MS Teams or Zoom. Make a request by filling in this workshop request form or contact your Faculty Librarian directly.