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Library Extension and Revitalisation (LER) Project

Library Extension and Revitalisation (LER) Project

Unavailability of Book Collection T-Z and Bound Journals at G/F North Wing

The G/F North Wing of the Library is now under renovation and the construction works are scheduled to complete by the end of August 2022. As informed by Campus Development Office, there will be no power supply to the affected area during the renovation period. As a result, users will have no access to Book Collection T-Z and the bound journals housed in the electronic compact shelves located at G/F North Wing until the renovation finishes.  

As an interim measure, the Library has adjusted the configuration of the Library System so that eligible users can request and get the affected books from other UGC-funded university libraries via HKALL service (if available), and make Interlibrary Loan requests for articles of the affected print journals if necessary. 

Please contact us for further enquiries and assistance. 

(15 June 2022)

The new 6/F Opened

Temporary Arrangement for Facilities & Collections on 3/F and G/F North Wing

As part of the Library Extension and Revitalisation Project, the 3/F and G/F North Wing of the Library will be closed for renovation from 2 June 2022 until further notice. Please note the temporary arrangements for the affected Library facilities and collections as below:

Facilities  Current Location
Drinking Water Dispenser 1/F, P/F, 4/F (Staircase No. 1)
1/F inside 24-Hour Study Centre
Graphic computers & iMac 4/F North Wing (i-Space)
Self-service kiosk for AV equipment;
AV carrels 
4/F South Wing
Macbook Pro  1/F South Wing (Seminar Room 2)
Studios 1/F South Wing (One-Button Studio)
Other studios are temporarily closed
Group Rooms & Group Viewing Rooms  1/F South Wing & 6/F South Wing (via iBooking
Collections Current Location
Book Collection L-M, N7000-NB, ND-PL2399 G/F South Wing
Book Collection N1-N6999 6/F North Wing (curved shelves)
Current journals, Back issues of newspapers G/F South Wing
Reference Collection 6/F South Wing: A-PD
6/F North Wing: PE-Z
Theses G/F South Wing (at end of compact shelves)

Audio Visual Collection

·        DVD/Blu-ray (Non-movie); Audio CD; VCD

·        AV Accompanying Materials, Large AV Items

G/F South Wing (on trolleys)

·        New AV Display; DVD/Blu-ray (Movie)

P/F (adjacent to the Counter)
University Collections P/F (adjacent to LibCafe)

To check the latest location of an item, click the LOCATION button when searching for the items in OneSearch.

If you need assistance in accessing these collections, please contact the Loan & Return Counter or the Enquiry Counter on the Podium Floor. 


What changes will be made?

The LER Project involves mainly the construction of an additional floor (6/F) providing 2,080 m2 in net operational floor area (NOFA) on top of the existing Library building, and revitalisation of other levels (G/F to 5/F) with an affected area of 14,600 m2 in construction floor area (CFA). Internal bridges connecting North Wings and South Wings from 3/F to 6/F will be built. Additional washrooms will be provided and existing lifts will be replaced by new models.

How long will construction works take?

The construction and revitalisation works, which have commenced in late July 2020, will take about 3 years to complete. The target date of completion is the 4th quarter in 2023. Please refer to Project Timeline for details of the works schedule.

Will the Library be open during the renovation period?

During the works period, the Library will strive to maintain its regular services. To minimize disruption and inconveniences to Library users, works will be conducted in phases. Building works of the additional 6/F will be executed by wings, and most works of the project will be carried out in the summer periods except for constructing the additional 6/F. Major legal noisy works will be restricted to 8:30 am to 11:30 am Mon to Sat. 

How does the project affect the physical collections?

Some bookshelves may be temporarily closed during the works period. But the physical collections are not affected at this stage. 

Will I be able to access and borrow books during the project period?

Yes, the Library will provide fetching service for the books located in the affected areas (if any). Details will be provided in due course.  

Will there be facilities inaccessible and are there alternatives?

Yes, certain facilities may be temporarily inaccessible during the works period. To meet the needs for study space, alternative quiet study space will be made available during the works period, if applicable. Please stay tuned for the latest update!