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PolyU Library

Library Extension and Revitalisation (LER) Project

Library Extension and Revitalisation (LER) Project

About the Project

The Library Extension and Revitalisation (LER) Project is a government funded capital works project that aims to extend and refurbish the Library of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU).  The Project was approved by the Legislative Council in Jul 2020 and is set to be completed by the 4th quarter in 2023. Major construction and revitalisation works include: 

  • Construction of an additional floor (6/F) on top of the University Library, providing an extra 2,080 m2 in net operational floor area of library space 
  • Revitalisation of existing floors (G/F to 5/F) of the Library building to improve various facilities and learning spaces, with a total affected area of about 14,600 m2

During the works period, the Library strived to maintain its regular services. Upon the completion of the project, the Library would be transformed into a modern learning hub that supports learning, teaching and research of the University.  

The New 6/F (Opened on 4 July 2022)

The new 6/F provides robust and varied learning environments for the PolyU community.

It is a student-centred space with configurable layouts and flexible furniture to accommodate varied learning styles and activities.

A mix of skylight-enclosed, indoor and outdoor space provides choices for different learning activities at different times of the day.

With abundant natural light and panoramic views of the PolyU campus and the Victoria Habour, it is the ideal space to study for long hours.

Fresh air to fuel fresh ideas. There are outdoor spaces for taking mental breaks, recharging and connecting to the outside world.

The South Wing is dedicated for collaborative learning. Open, semi-enclosed and enclosed spaces are provided to support students working together on projects.

Students may use the dual monitor workstations to work on complex tasks on multiple windows.

A wall projector is available for students to present their ideas to a small group any time. No reservation is needed.

For a larger audience, students can use the Forum for peer learning and knowledge sharing.

With seating capacity up to 20 persons, the semi-enclosed transparent Bubble offers another bookable space for academic presentation.

Visually interesting interior and contemporary designs create a welcoming environment for a learning community.

Furnishings in vibrant colours and interesting shapes help stimulate creativity and boost productivity.

Students needing quiet study space may simply cross the internal bridge to the North Wing which provides plentiful seating and spacious desk space.

Come and explore this attractive, inviting and inspiring learning space for PolyU students.