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ELC6002/ELC6012 - Thesis Writing for Research Students

Course Guide for ELC6002/ELC6012 Students

Plagiarism Checking Tools

Text similarity checking tools can assist in detecting potential plagiarism. Each tool will check against a collection of papers and webpages from their underlying database. Different tools may serve different purposes and audiences. PolyU has subscribed to Turnitin for checking student works and VeriGuide for checking academic papers and grants applications.

Here is a quick comparison of available plagiarism checking tools: 

Tools Target for How to access User Guide


Checking student assignments & theses

via Turnitin-LTI assignment on Learn@PolyU

For technical support, please contact ITS.

Student Guide
Instructor Guide



Checking academic papers & grants applications (can check both English and Chinese)

via VeriGuide PolyU webpage;
limited to PolyU academic staff only

For technical support, please contact ITS. For enquiries on eligibility, please contact RIO.

User Guide


Checking academic papers; used by major publishers

PolyU does not have subscription. Users need to subscribe/ buy credits via its website. Getting started

Apart from these, there are also free plagiarism checking tools. Do check with your instructor or supervisor if it is acceptable to use any of the tools to check your work.

FAQs about Turnitin:

How can I check similarity for my thesis in Turnitin?

You may check the similarity rate for your thesis in Turnitin, but you will need to seek your supervisor's help to create a Turnitin assignment for you. The link can be embedded in a course that is designated for checking students' works. For technical details, please check with ITS Blackboard Support at 2766 5900 or through IT Online ServiceDesk.

How can I check similarity for my journal article in Turnitin?

Turnitin is mainly for checking student assignments. To check journal articles, VeriGuide will be a better choice since it covers scholarly journal articles and free internet resources. Since VeriGuide is limited to PolyU academic staff only, please seek your supervisor's help to have your article (most likely co-authored with your supervisor) checked on VeriGuide. Alternatively, you may also subscribe iThenticate and check your work there.

More FAQs here.