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ELC6002/ELC6012 - Thesis Writing for Research Students

Course Guide for ELC6002/ELC6012 Students

About the Guide

This guide is designed for research students enrolled in the ELC6002 / ELC6012 subject. It aims to provide the key resources and tools for supporting your thesis writing and journal publication process.

What You Will Learn

The guide consists of 3 parts. You will learn:

  • Part I. Literature Search - various Library and online tools to support your literature search
  • Part II. Getting Full-text - ways to access full-text articles efficiently
  • Part III. Research & Publishing Tools - from journal selection to academic writing

Library Workshop

You are strongly encouraged to go through Part I. Literature Search before the library workshop for ELC6002/ELC6012.

We will do a Pre-Quiz for Part I (3-5 short questions) at the start of the workshop to test your understanding of the basic concepts covered in this part. :)

Feel free to explore other parts of the guide too!