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ELC6002/ELC6012 - Thesis Writing for Research Students

Course Guide for ELC6002/ELC6012 Students

Get Full-text on OneSearch

OneSearch is the Library's discovery tool to help you find resources and access their full-text content. If you cannot get full-text from elsewhere, you can always check on OneSearch and see if it is available through Library's subscription. 

Access Articles

There are a few ways to access full-text after you found an article in OneSearch. 

Note: To view the full text of the article, you will be prompted to login with your NetID and NetPassword, especially for off-campus access.


Take this article on OneSearch as an example.

Access PDF from OneSearch

 Download PDF directly

 View the article within the journal on BrowZine platform. This allows you to view other articles in the same volume/issue of the journal.

 View the article from publisher's site. This allows you to view other related articles recommended by the journal.

   Directly download article in PDF:
Download PDF directly

   View article within the journal on BrowZine platform:
Access PDF from BrowZine

   View article from publisher's site:
Access PDF from publisher site