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Find Books

The quickest way to find books is through a direct search in OneSearch. 

You may search by Keywords, Title of the Book, Call Number, or an ISBN number. Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Library homepage, click on "OneSearch", or directly visit OneSearch.
  2. Type in your keywords or title of the book and hit the search button. When you start typing, OneSearch will automatically suggest popular searches for you.
  3. Limit results to "Books" under Resource Type on the right panel of the page. You may further refine results to "Physical items" (which means print books only), or "Full Text Online" (which means e-books only). 
  4. Click on the book title to see more information about the book.
  5. For print books, the location is described by its Call Number. You will need to find the book from the bookshelf and check it out at Service Counter at P/F (see below for How to Read Call Numbers).
    For e-books, sign in with your NetID and NetPassword to get access to the full-text of the book.

Click to see steps in screenshots

Book in the PolyU Library is 'Checked out' by other users?
Try the following ways to get a copy.

Option 1) use HKALL:

HKALL is a shared platform by 8 UGC-funded university libraries in Hong Kong. Eligible users can request a book from other libraries when the copy in PolyU is not available. The book will be then delivered to our Library in about 2-3 days for pick-up. 

Option 2) Place a hold (wait in the queue for the local copy at PolyU Library) 

Place a hold to reserve a book when the book is only available in our Library and there are no available copies from HKALL. After you place a hold, the previous user will be asked to return the book in about 28 days.

Follow the steps below to REQUEST a book from HKALL or QUEUE for a local copy (in PolyU Library) when HKALL does not apply.

  1. Click into the record of the checked-out book and sign in (with Your NETID) to the system if you haven't done so. 
  2. Click Search in HKALL. You will then be brought to the record page under HKALL.
  3. Click "Check holdings and other locations".
  4. Click HKALL Request if there are available copies from other HKALL Libraries. If no available copies via HKALL, you may place a hold from PolyU Library by clicking Request to get in the queue to use the local copy.
  5. Proceed to Request if there is no Volume number or Standard number to specify. You will be notified by email when the book is ready to pick up.

Click to see steps in screenshots

You may also search a book from a database that collects e-books in the subject field. Note that login with NetID is required to access the following databases off campus.

Major ebook databases, which cover health related contents are:

You can locate e-book by search in OneSearch as well, see the Remarks in the following section: Find Print Books by Call Numbers.

Look for textbooks for your course? Use Resource List.

Resource List is an easy to use platform enable students to access course resources prescribed by the Instructors directly from Learn@PolyU. It allows Instructors and Librarians to collaborate and manage suggested readings and other resources in Resource List to support students’ learning.

See the video below and learn the details from this guide on Resource List.


[Note] The same content is also accessible from the Library website  at the Course Resource List, Locate your course readings by the Course code or course name.

Find Print Books by Call Numbers

Most of the sociology related books can be found on the Fouth Floor (4/F) South Wing of the Library.

Each physical item is labeled with a call number, which contains both letters and numbers representing the source's location in the library, e.g., HM585. O75 2020. Books on the same subject will be placed in the same range on bookshelves. When you search a print book through OneSearch, you will get a call number, which tells you where you can find the book.

Refer to tab "How to Read Call Numbers" to learn more.

Locating printed Books on Sociology related topics:

Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic
Mass Media Social Media Ethnicity Patriotism Family
Food and Eating Youth Culture Sexuality Gender  Social Movements
Social surveys Cults Ageing Consumerism Inequalities
Social problems Class Conflict Social Networking Poverty migration
Climate Change Racism Human Rights Superstition Child Obesity
Cyber Bullying Fair Trade Animal Rights    


In OneSearch - Advanced Search mode, search by "subject" on these subject terms and restrict Material Type to "Books", and then (on the result listing page) apply filter=Availability ="Physical Items" or "Full Text Online" as per your needs.

Remember to confirm the selected filter/s by clicking on the green "APPLY FILTERS" button.
advanced search -subject 

For books from the Book Collection:

  1. Read the Call Number.
    Note that the Library adopts Library of Congress classification scheme. Break the call numbers into four lines - this is how the call number is shown on the book label. The capital letters in the first line represent the subject area that book falls in. Read from left to right: A to Z, and smaller number to larger number. The last line indicates the year of publication, which can help you quickly identify the new books.
  2. Check Call Number Locations. In this example, TD locates at G/F.
  3. Locate the bookshelf. 
  4. Get the book and check it out at the Service Counter at P/F. If you can not find the book, ask a library staff for help.

For books from other locations:

  • Reserve Collection: P/F (right next to Service Counter)
  • Reference Collection: 
    • Call No. HM - Z: 3/F
    • Call No. A - HJ: G/F
  • Remote Store: Available by filling online request form.

Reference Sources Databases

To get an overview of a topic or the definition of a subject, start from reference books like handbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. Do a quick search in one of the key databases below, or browse the reference books we highlighted from the PolyU Library collection (at the bottom of this page.


Credo Reference helps you start your nursing research with books of specialized terminology, works on nursing theory and leadership, and a guide to palliative care.

Search Oxford Reference Online

Oxford Reference is a searchable collection of reference books published by Oxford University Press. Find full-text entries on topics from every discipline.

Reference Material (Social Sciences) highlighted from OneSearch

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