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Find Resource List

A quick guide to help instructor and student get started with Resource List.

Introducing Resource List

Resource List provides students with easy access to reading materials prescribed by instructors for particular module right inside the Learn@PolyU course page, including books, readings and other online resources. 

Instructors can select resources, including OERs, and add them to Resource List with a few clicks.

Students can access books, articles, videos and OERs all from one page - Resource List on Learn@PolyU.

Tutorial - Find Course Readings


1. Why do we use Resource List?

2. How do I find my Resource List?

3. There is a Course Scheme Reading List in one of my courses, what does that mean?

4. How do I know if the book is available to borrow?

5. I don't see a list for one of my courses, is it missing?

6. How do I get the full-text of an electronic article listed in Resource List?

7. How do I bookmark a particular item in my own account?

8. All the copies of a particular textbook from the reading list have been checked out, instead of placing a request in the library, is there any way to get the book?