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Research Visibility

This guide provides you the ways in raising your research visibility and information about the measurement of your research impact.


Raising the visibility of your research works will also increase the chances for your works to be discovered, accessed, used and cited - thus increasing the influence and impact of your research.

Assessing the impact of your research output is an important activity for researchers as this supports key activities such as grant and fellowship applications, academic promotions, as well as raising the reputation of a researcher within the scholarly communities.

This guide provides an overview on:

Research Impact - the core and emerging metrics that help you monitor and track your research impact in the scholarly community. Read this if you encounter questions like "What is h-index?"  and "How to find the Impact Factor of the journals?".

Researcher Profile - Author-profiling tools let you consolidate all your publications thus allowing other scholars to find your works quickly. Read this if you want to set up and populate your ORCID, Scopus Author ID, ResearcherID or Google Scholar profiles.

Here are some Tips to Raise your Research Visibility to help get your professional profile and published works noticed.

Open Access -  the University, as well as major funders like RGC and NSFC, require the research outputs by PolyU researchers be made open access in our institutional repository, PIRA. Open Access publishing is another way to make your research works immediately available to the entire world. Some publishers offer a waiver or discount on APC for PolyU authors to publish their work in open access.

Citation Search Services - Read this if you need our help in preparing a citation search report of your publications to support the applications for fellowships, grants or awards.