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Research Visibility: Citation Search Service

This guide provides you the ways in raising your research visibility and information about the measurement your research impact.

What is Citation Search Service?

The Library offers citation search service to faculty members who are interested in finding out the number of times their publications have been cited. Librarians will use Web of Science or Scopus to trace cited references and compile relevant reports, such as:

  • A full list of author’s publications in Web of Science and/or Scopus
  • A count of the number of times each author's work is cited (if any) in Web of Science and/or Scopus
  • A signed certificate that approves the citation search results

PolyU faculty members that require this service should submit a request form (MS Word format) and send it to corresponding Faculty Librarian. Upon receipt of your request, your Faculty Librarian will contact you to confirm the details of your request and further discuss the timeline to complete the report.

In normal circumstances, it will take 8 working days to complete a report. This means that the following conditions are met at the point of submitting your request: (1) A comprehensive and up-to-date list of author publications is provided, and (2) the number of publications by the author does not exceed 50.

Who needs Citation Search Service?

PolyU faculty members who are applying for fellowships from academic bodies and need to have their citation search results verified.