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What is ORCID and how it helps in managing your research activities throughout your career?

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ORCID-Scopus@PolyU: Quick Guide

Maintaining an accurate ORCID profile that is integrated with your Scopus Author Profile can help increase the discoverability of your publications. This is also a very important task for all academic staff in PolyU.

We would like to guide you through some steps to help you set up an ORCID iD and integrate it with Scopus if you haven't already done so.


  Get your ORCID iD
--► Register for an ORCID if you haven't got one
  Confirm Scopus Author Profile
--► Find and manage your Scopus Author Profile
  • Got more than one Scopus profile? --► Merge Scopus profiles
  • Cannot find your profile? --► Try name variants and check if your work(s) is covered in Scopus (Download Scopus title lists).
  • Incorrect publication records? --► Edit your profile
    (You can only add publications indexed in Scopus to your profile.)
  • Incorrect affiliation? --► It will be updated once you have publications affiliated with PolyU.

[Read more about Scopus Author Profiles]

  Connect Scopus to ORCID
--► Connect to ORCID to add publications from Scopus
  • Got duplicate records in ORCID after integration?  --► Remove the duplicate records
  • Add publications not being indexed in Scopus?  --► Find more tips here

1. Get your ORCID iD

Refer to the information on the Get your ORCID iD page.

2. Confirm Scopus Author Profile

Find Your Scopus Author Profile

Step 1.
Access Scopus from Library.

Step 2.
Conduct an Author Search with your name.

Step 3.
Click on your name to visit your Scopus Author Profile.

If you have 1 publication in Scopus only, please click on "1" under Documents to visit your Scopus Author Profile.

If you found more than one Scopus Author Profiles...

If you cannot find your Scopus Author Profile by "Author Search"...

  • Try to conduct a document search in Scopus and visit your author profile by clicking on your name.
  • You will not have a Scopus Author Profile if your journal, book, or conference publications are not indexed in Scopus. Learn more about the content coverage of Scopus from the bottom of this page.

If the publication records in your profile are incorrect...

  • Sign in or Create a Scopus account on the top right-hand corner, and then click on Edit profile on your Scopus Author Profile to request changes.

If your affiliation information is not PolyU...

  • Scopus will update the information automatically once you have a new publication affiliated with PolyU in Scopus.

Where can I learn more about Scopus Author Profiles?

  • Please visit our online guide about Scopus Author Profiles.

3. Connect Scopus to ORCID

Connect to ORCID from your Scopus Author Profile

Step 1.
Click on Connect to ORCID and Authorize Scopus to access your ORCID record
Step 2. Complete the Scopus|ORCID wizard

1) Click on Start

2) Select your preferred
profile name
, if any

3) Review your publication list, add or remove publications if needed


* Remember, you can only add publications indexed in Scopus to your profile.

4) Confirm your profile before sending it to ORCID

5) Send your Scopus Author ID to ORCID

6) Send your publication list to ORCID. You can then click on "return to ORCID" to check the publications added from Scopus

Step 3.
Check the newly added publications in ORCID

If you found duplicate publication(s) in your ORCID...

  • Try to combine the duplicate publications. Check out the steps here.

After integration, will my ORCID be auto-updated when I have new publications in Scopus?

  • No, your publication records in ORCID will not be auto-updated even after integration. You will need to update your ORCID with new publications from Scopus with similar steps on this page. You can do this periodically, say before funding application or annual review.

Can I add publications from non-Scopus indexed sources?

  • Yes, sure. You can add publications by DOI or manually. Check out the steps here.

What's next after I connect my Scopus to ORCID?

Can I seek personalized advice from a Librarian?

  • For assistance on your ORCID or Scopus profile, please contact your Faculty Librarian.