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PolyU Exam Papers

PolyU Examination Paper Database contains examination papers submitted by various PolyU departments, from 1995 onwards.

UGs: Online Tools for Assignment Writing

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Plan on publishing your works!

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Library Resources


How to Start Writing

How to Start Writing

English Collocation

Professional English in Use

This series combines resources and exercises to help learners improve their English writing in professional contexts. Titles cover Medicine, Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Law, and more.

Online Tools for Writing


"A concordancer is a piece of software, either installed on a computer or accessed through a website, which can be used to search, access and analyse language from a corpus. They...can give us very accurate information about the way language is authentically used." [Source]

Dictionaries and Thesauri

We use images in our assignment, be it presentations, reports or even posters. While you can find and download images from plenty of platforms these days, it is important to make sure that you do not infringe copyright when using the downloaded images.

We are going to introduce these online image sources that you can find images where you have permission to reuse for your assignments, if you acknowledge the creator and the source.

CC Search
A tool that allows openly licensed and public domain works to be discovered and used by everyone.

Google Images
An image search service from Google.

An online photo management and sharing platform.

Wikimedia Commons

An online repository with more than 57 million freely usable images, sounds, and other media files.

Artstor Digital Library
A database provides more than one million images from a wide variety of subject areas.

IT Support For Research

IT Support for Research

You may book a consultation session here if you need technical advice on your assignment.