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ORCID: Steps to add works from Scopus to ORCID


After you have registered for an ORCID iD, the next step is to add works and publications to your profile so that you can reap the benefits that your ORCID iD brings.

The best way to do this is to integrate your ORCID account with Scopus. With just a few steps, all your current and future publications indexed with Scopus will be added and auto-updated to your ORCID profile.

The integration between ORCID and Scopus can be done in both directions:

  • Option 1:  from Scopus using "Add to ORCID", or
  • Option 2:  from ORCID using  "Search & Link"

A Scopus Author ID is automatically assigned to you when your published work is included in Scopus. This means you may have more than one ID if you have published under variant names and affiliations. By following steps to Option 1 or Option 2, multiple Author IDs indexed in Scopus can be merged and integrated with ORCID.


  • ORCID platform will not display citation count of works indexed in Scopus after integration. To view the citation count of your works indexed in Scopus, go to your Scopus Author Profile page which can be accessed by clicking the link to your Scopus Author ID.

Steps to Add Works from Scopus to ORCID

  1. Conduct an Author Search (if you do not know your Scopus ID), or
  2. Search by Scopus ID under Advanced Search (if you have known your Scopus ID)
  3. Click on "Add to ORCID"
  1. Select your Scopus profile
  2. Select your preferred profile name
  3. Review and verify your publications
  4. Enter your email address to send publication list
  5. Receive notification email to confirm successful integration

► Step 1. Go to Scopus

  • Click "Online Access" to start using Scopus. 


► Step 2. Go to Scopus Profile

a) Conduct an Author Search (if you do not know your Scopus ID; if you know your Scopus ID, go to b) directly)

  •  Click the tab "Author Search" and fill in the required information


  • Click the author name to access the author profile

b) Alternatively, if you know your Scopus ID, you can access your author profile by searching with your Scopus ID under Advanced Search.

  • At the result page, click on author name to access the author profile

c) Click on "Add to ORCID"


► Step 3. Sign in to ORCID

  • If you have an ORCID account, click "Sign In" to log in to your existing account.

Check the box to give authorization to Scopus to read and update your ORCID record.

Please make sure the box is checked to allow Scopus to add publications to your ORCID profile.



► Step 4. Add publications from Scopus to ORCID

a) Select your Scopus profile

  • Select the profile(s) that contain publications authored by you and click "Start". If you do not see any profiles that pertain to you, please leave the profiles unchecked and click "Start".

b) Select your preferred profile name

  • If you have more than one author profiles, you can click the pull-down menu to view the list of names. Select one as your preferred profile name.

c) Review and verify your publications

  • Review the list of publications and click "X" to remove those that do not belong to you. Click "Search for missing documents" to search for publications that are not on the list.


  • Check if all of your publications are included in your profile. If not, click "Back" and search again.


  • If you have selected publications and names which are different from your Scopus author profile, you will be asked if you would also like to update your Scopus profile.

d) Enter your email address to send publication list

e) Notification email to confirm successful integration

  • A notification email will be sent to you showing that your ORCID record has been updated by Scopus.

► Step 1. Login to your ORCID

► Step 2. Choose "Scopus to ORCID"

  • Under Works, click “+ Add Works” and then “Search & link"

  • Choose "Scopus to ORCID"

► Step 3. Search your works indexed in Scopus

  • Enter the author information to search for the works

► Step 4. Select your Scopus profile

  • Author profiles that match your name will be displayed. Select the one or more profiles that belong to you.

 ► Step 5. Add publications to ORCID 

  • Follow Step 4(b) onwards of Option 1 - from Scopus using "Add to ORCID" above to add publications from Scopus to ORCID.

Outcomes of the linking process

After you have integrated ORCID with Scopus,

  • your ORCID profile will be populated with publications from Scopus. Unlike ResearcherID where you can exchange publication information between 2 platforms, Scopus only allows you to export your publication details to ORCID and will not allow information from ORCID to be added to Scopus.
  • you can also take this chance to manage your Scopus Author ID - merge multiple Scopus IDs, remove publications that don't belong to you and add missing publications etc.
  • your Scopus Author ID and ORCID iD will be linked and displayed on both platforms (see snapshot below). This will allow easy retrieval of publication and citation information from Scopus.
  • you can search and retrieve publication and citation information on Scopus using your ORCID iD or Scopus Author ID.

Watch a Tutorial

Add Works from Scopus to ORCID

The Library has prepared a tutorial (1:47) showing the steps to send publications from Scopus to ORCID and link your Scopus Author ID to ORCID account for auto-update of publication list.


Edit the information of your works

To edit publication information of records in your ORCID profile which were added via Scopus Author ID or ResearcherID, please click the "make a copy and edit" icon on the bottom right.

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