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ORCID: New Users who do not have an ORCID account

What is ORCID and how it helps in managing your research activities throughout your career?

New Users who do not have an ORCID account and would like to create one

If you are new to ORCID and haven't got an ORCID account, you may follow the steps below to create an ORCID account via the Library.

Step 1. Click on the button below to register via Library

Note: For new 2019/20 students, the registration via the link above will not work until the library receives your record from Academic Secretariat in September 2019. 

Step 2. Login with your NetID and NetPassword

Step 3. Register a new account by filling in a form

Step 4. Authorize the Library 

Contact us if you encounter any problems (e.g. Registration Error) at this stage. Please include your ORCID iD and NetID in the email.

Step 5. Verify your ORCID registration

You will receive a verification email shortly. Click on "Verify your email address" link to complete the registration process.

What to do next?

After registration, you can now add your publications into your ORCID profile.  You may refer to Add Works to Your ORCID Profile for more information.