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ORCID: Existing Users who have an ORCID account

What is ORCID and how it helps in managing your research activities throughout your career?

Existing Users who have an ORCID account not registered with a PolyU email address

If you have previously created an ORCID account but it is not registered with your PolyU email, follow the steps below to connect your existing account with PolyU.

Step 1. Click on the button below to connect your existing ORCID account

Step 2. Login with your NetID and NetPassword

Step 3. Sign in with your ORCID account

Sign in with your registered email address, or ORCID iD. If you forgot your password, retrieve it via "Forgotten your password".

Step 4. Authorize the Library to update your ORCID records

Granting authorization to the Library will enable us to add an employment entry (for staff) or education entry (for students) in your ORCID profile. The source of the entry is "Pao-Yue-kong Library, Hong Kong Polytechnic University".

When you see the message below, it means you have completed the authorization process. Existing ORCID registrants who authorize the Library will not receive the verification email.

Contact us if you encounter any problems (e.g. Registration Error) at this stage. Please include your ORCID iD and NetID in the email.

One more step....

Add PolyU email to your ORCID account

  1. Sign in ORCID with your registered email or ORCID iD. After login, click “ACCOUNT SETTINGS” on the top of the page.
  2. Key in your PolyU email address and click "Add".
  3. Set PolyU email as the Primary Email and click "Verify".
  4. You will then receive a verification email. Click the link to verify.