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ORCID: Existing Users who have an ORCID account

Existing Users who have an ORCID account not registered to a PolyU email address

If you have previously created an ORCID account but it is not registered with your PolyU email, follow the steps to connect your existing account with PolyU and authorize the Library to update your record.

I. Click the button below to connect your existing ORCID iD

II. Login with your NetID and NetPassword

III. Click “Already have an ORCID iD! Sign In”


IV. Fill in the required information

  • The box for permitting the Library to read and update your ORCID record has been checked by default. Please make sure you don’t uncheck the box
  • Fill in the Email /ORCID iD and Password for your existing ORCID account
  • Click “Authorize

V. The registration is completed

The below message shows that you have completed the registration. Please note that you will not receive a verification email if you have an existing ORCID account and have just given authorization to the Library.

A few more steps to go...

VI. Login to your existing ORCID account to add your Poly U email address

You are recommended to add your PolyU email address to your ORCID account.

  • Go to ORCID:
  • Sign in with the Email/ORCID iD and Password for your existing ORCID account
  • On the top of the page, click “ACCOUNT SETTINGS


  • Fill in your PolyU email address at the box and then click “Add


  • Click “Verify” and there will be an email sent to your PolyU email account. Click the verification link at the email.

VII. Click “MY ORCID RECORD” and your PolyU email should be added to your profile