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Find Standards

A guide to introduce resources to find technical standards


  • International Classification for Standards (ICS) codes

is a technical standard published by the International Organization for Standards (ISO) and serves as a structure for catalogues. Many platforms allow browsing/searching standards by ICS codes. Learn more about ICS.

  • Redline

refers to highlighted changes between versions of a standard.

ASTM Compass

ASTM Compass provides access to technical standards, books, journals and technical reports published by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The platform allows you to check historical, withdrawn and redline versions, compare versions of standards and make annotations. 

Searching in ASTM Compass

  1. Search by standard number or keywords
  2. Select the document title from the suggested list

  3. Check the status (active, historical, or withdrawn) of the document in the header. Active documents are standards that are currently adopted.
  4. Click Download to download PDF file
  5. Click Other Versions to view historical versions
  6. Compare Versions allow you to view changes between active and prior versions of standards