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PolyU Library

Library Guide for Academic and Research Staff

Top things every academic, research and teaching staff should know about the Library.

Call No. Sorting Rules

Call numbers are sorted on our bookshelves with following rules.

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By Phone 2766-6863
WhatsApp 2766-6863 (service hours)
Online Enquiry Online Form
Information Consultancy Service Contact your Faculty Librarians on in-depth research questions

Using Our Collections

PolyU academic and research staff enjoy great privileges in using our extensive collection. You can access most of our e-resources off campus as well as access resources in other UGC funding libraries. 

See your privileges here, and know how you can make good use of the resources below.


OneSearch provides a one-stop solution for the discovery and delivery of local and remote resources, such as books, journal articles, and other resources to support your teaching and research needs. Explore how to locate our resources from the tabs below:


To support your teaching and research needs, we subscribed different types of databases, including databases for articles, statistics, standards, images, newspapers and more. You can also access the databases related to your subject area with the steps below:

  1. Select Databases from the top.
  2. Browse databases by subject from the pull-down menu. You can then select our databases in different subject areas.

Alternatively, you can browse our databases by type of resource here.

Resources Beyond Our Collections

You can also access resources beyond our collection via HKALL, Interlibrary Loans and JULAC Card.

There are chances that the item you need is not available in the library. It could be because our library does not have the title, or another user has checked out our copy. The following are some possible ways to place a request.

HKALL is a shared platform by 8 UGC-funded university libraries in Hong Kong. Eligible users can request a book from other libraries when the copy in PolyU is not available. The book will be delivered to our Library in about 2-3 working days for pick-up. 

Sometimes you may not be able to get full text of a journal article because the library does not have a subscription to the journal. In this case, you can request a copy of the article via our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.

To know more about the ILL service, please see details in below or refer to this guide.

  • Interlibrary loan is integrated into OneSearch, so always start by searching OneSearch to see if PolyU Library holds the item required.
  • Ensure that you have signed in your library account (MyRecord).
  • Select “Beyond PolyU (HKALL + InterLibrary Loan)” from the top drop down menu. Then input the title, author, or keywords of the item required. Click the magifier icon to excecute your search.
  • On the result list, look for the item required.  If it is listed, click "Check for available services" or "Get it for me from other libraries".
  • In the record, look for the blue cards for requesting a physical book, a digital copy of a selected book chapter or a journal article.  (Tips: You must sign in to see the options.)
  • The type of cards displayed depends on the availability of the item, its format and your user privileges.  The estimated delivery time is for reference only. Follow the instruction to input the required information.
  • If the item cannot be requested from our partner libraries,  "No physical/digital copy can be requested" or "No available services for this item" will be displayed.
  • Academic/Research Staff or Postgraduate Students may fill in a blank form at the top of the result list to request the Library to source a required item beyond our partner libraries.  Please provide complete citation information. Including the ISBN / ISSN will shorten the processing time.


You can only request those items on loan to another user. However, items from Reserve Books Collection, AV Reserve, AV items on 3-hour loan and 3-day loan cannot be requested. Items can be requested online using the following procedure:

  • Once you find the desired item in the OneSearch click "SIGN IN" on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to sign in your library account.
  • Click "Request" under "Options" of a checked out book.

    Screen dump

  • Click "REQUEST" to confirm.
  • You will be notified by email when the requested item is ready for pick-up. Please check your email account regularly.

If you have any questions or problems, please stop by the Loan & Return Counter, or call 2766-6864 during Library hours.

Follow the steps below to request a book from storage: 

  1. Click into the record of the checked-out book and sign in to the system if you haven't done so. 
  2. Click Request to proceed.
  3. Proceed to "SEND REQUEST" if there is no Volume number or Standard number to specify. You will be notified by email when the book is ready for pick up.

Google Scholar@PolyU

Google Scholar is an easy-to-use discovery tool for academic papers. You will see PolyU eLinks for the article we subscribed if you access Google Scholar in the campus, which allows you to access full-text of the articles from the library.

However, there will not be PolyU eLinks in Google Scholar while you are off-campus. In this case, you can still access the articles we subscribed via Google Scholar@PolyU from the library homepage, or via library links setting in Google Scholar:


MyRecord allows you to view all your loans and requested items, including those borrowed via HKALL, ILL or your JULAC Library Card. You can also renew the borrowed item(s) here.