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ORCID: Set Up Your ORCID Profile

What is ORCID and how it helps in managing your research activities throughout your career?

Privacy Setting

ORCID provides you with three options to display your information on the profile. Make sure your profile is set to "open to public" so that others can see your works!

Read ORCID privacy setting for more information.

   Everyone (open to public)
   Trusted parties
   Only me

Edit Your Profile Information

After registered an ORCID, you can add in more information to enrich your profile, including:

  • Name variants (if any)
  • Keywords (research interests)
  • Websites (e.g. Dept profile, PIRA profile, ResearchGate, Mendeley, Google Scholar)
  • Email
  • Other IDs (e.g. Scopus Author ID, ResearcherID. These author identifiers will be automatically added after linking ORCID with the database system. See this page for more information.)

The more information you provide about yourself and your research areas, the easier for collaborators to locate you.

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Add Employment

If you registered an ORCID via Library, your employment at PolyU will be automatically added by the system. The source of the entry is "Pao Yue-kong Library, Hong Kong Polytechnic University".

To add your previous employment entries, click "+ Add employment" and "+ Add manually" to manually type in the information. You can hide or delete an entry at any time.

Add Your Research Funding

There are two ways to add research funding to your ORCID profile: Using the ÜberWizard search link and Add manually.

  • Using the ÜberWizard search link

The ÜberWizard tool will search for and link with the funding bodies around the world, including these two popular funding bodies for PolyU researchers:

  • University Grants Committee (UGC)  (Year covered: 2007-2018)
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)  (Year covered: 1989-2015)

Ful list available at:

Click "Search & Link" and then "ÜberWizard". Authorize ÜberWizard to access your ORCID and then start searching by name or grant title. 

  • Add manually

If you are not able to find the funding information from the ÜberWizard tool, you can manually add in the information.
Click "+ Add manually" and then fill in the information.