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Finding Course Readings

[Video] How to quickly find your course readings

Look for Course Readings?

You can find course reading materials (e.g. textbooks) prescribed by your instructors for specific courses from the "Resource List" page of your course page on Learn@PolyU. 

If "Resource List" page is not available, an alternative way is to go to the library homepage and search under "Course Resource List".

Watch this 1-minute video to learn how:

Booking Facilities

3D Printing @ Library [1:33]

3D Printing @ Library [1:33]

To make a booking, click here.


Finding Exam Papers

Examination Paper Database [0:48]
Examination Paper Database [0:48]
To access the database, click here.

Enhancing the Research Process

Searching for Business Information

Bloomberg Video Tutorial

Enhancing Research Impact

Top 5 Things to Know about Library

Introducing PolyU Institutional Research Archive (PIRA)

PIRA: Showcase Your Research [2:21]
PolyU Institutional Research Archive (PolyU IRA) [2:21]
To access the database, click here.