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About the Guide

This guide aims to be a one-stop platform for PolyU researchers at all levels, both junior researchers such as undergraduate students, or experienced researchers, to better understand the research process and gain easy access to the information pertinent to their research needs. 

Below is a visual representation of a Research Cycle which shows the steps needed to plan, conduct, communicate meaningful research, and how the Library can provide support. 

Research Cycle @ PolyU

Researchers with different levels of research experience require different skills to help them achieve their goals.

Junior researchers (e.g. undergraduate students) may need to start from basic research skills such as developing an open-ended question for their course project, whereas experienced researchers may require more advanced skills such as choosing an appropriate journal to publish their work, or writing a data management plan to fulfill funder's needs.

The Research Cycle below shows the 4 main stages and the steps that are typically involved in the scientific research process. 

  1. Planning Your Research
  2. Doing Your Research Project
  3. Communicating Your Research
  4. Publicizing Your Work

The Library can provide support through the whole research process at various levels to address the diverse needs of our researchers:

  Target for Purpose
Basic UG Year 1-2 Basic research skills for preparing assignments
 Intermediate Mainly UG Year 3+, TPG Basic research skills for preparing capstone/ final year project
Advanced Mainly RPG or students who are involved in research projects with publishing needs Advanced research skills for preparing larger-scale research projects, such as thesis or journal publications

It is important to note that doing research is not always a linear process. In reality, you may need to revisit some stages and redo some processes throughout your project.