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LaTeX and Overleaf

This guide provides a brief overview on how to use EndNote, JabRef and Overleaf

How EndNote, JabRef and Overleaf work together

Some students have inquired about utilizing EndNote for writing an academic paper in LaTeX/Overleaf. Can EndNote work with LaTeX/Overleaf? This guide aims to explain how they work and how you can make use of them for different parts when putting your academic paper together.

Endnote is a popular reference management tool that is widely used by researchers and academic to organize and generate citations and references. You can export EndNote references into a LaTeX document using BibTex format (.bib). However, when it comes to using EndNote for citations in BibTeX format, it requires extra efforts and time due to its limitations. For example, EndNote primary supports its own citation style format, and when working with BibTeX can be challenging because users have to manually convert their references into a required format (i.e. specific citation keys). 

On the other hand, JabRef is an open-source bibliography reference manager specifically designed for BibTeX files. JabRef can offer solutions to overcome the EndNote's weaknesses by providing customization in citation keys, entry types, bibliographic fields, abbreviated journal names etc, making it more efficient and convenient for managing large references.

JabRef can be a useful alternative to EndNote for citations in BibTeX format (JabRef also supports RIS format (.ris) ), especially for those who value customization. You may also consider using Zotero or Mendeley for creating citations and references as well as citation keys in BibTeX format. 

Since each of these tools have their own strengths and limitations, how you use each tool will depend largely on your specific needs and workflow. For example, you may need to consider where are you getting your references from or whether you need to share your references with a group. Experimenting with different tools and doing some trial and error will help you determine the most suitable process that fits your working needs. 

The workflow for using EndNote and JabRef to create citations in BibTeX format and import them into Overleaf as follows:

  1. Download and install EndNote and JabRef on your computer (both EndNote and JabRef have built-in tools for creating BibTeX files)
  2. Create a library in EndNote and then import references from PolyU Library's OneSearch or online databases (Refer to How to Add References in Library EndNote Guide)
  3. Export references in BibTeX format or RIS format
  4. Use JabRef to customize citation keys
  5. Import BibTeX file into Overleaf
  6. Use \cite{ } command to insert citations into your Overleaf document and format citations and references according to your chosen bibliography style

EndNote files and BibTeX files are convertible. You may use BibTeX converters and generators to convert them for different purposes.