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Find Resources for Language Learning

A guide to introduce various self-directed resources for learning English, Chinese, and other languages.


This self-paced guide is designed to empower staff and students to learn English and improve their English language skills through a variety of resources and methods. Explore each section to discover more!

Featured Library Resources for English learning

Featured Books for English learning

Featured Audio Books for English learning

E-books Platforms for English learning


Boundless is a digital media platform for e-books and audiobooks with free apps that let you read or listen to your favourite books on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or e-reader.

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HyRead eBook

HyRead eBook provides full-text access to a wide selection of Chinese books published in Taiwan. Users may also download the HyRead app to enjoy reading on mobile devices.

HyRead Audiobook

provides books in a variety of subjects, including language learning books for English, Japanese and Korean. The content of each book can be played aloud online.

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iRead eBook 

It is an e-book platform that contains over 100 audiobooks in a variety of subjects, including English learning. The content of each book can be played aloud online. 

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It features a rich collection of book titles and videos. Topics range from programming to IT networking, project management, graphic design, business strategy, and English learning. There are also proven learning paths, case studies, interactive tutorials and audiobooks.

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